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Live your Dream

Live your Dream
Live your Dream

Happiness isn’t finding all of the things in life that accumulate perfection.
Perfection doesn’t exist.

Everything around us is meant to be imperfect and that’s what makes life so wonderful.

Each of us wants something different yet we follow suit.

Life through the scope of a strangers dream, and dreaming about being able to dream isn’t how we were meant to live and influence the world.

Though we find comfort in that, excitement and creativity tend to sway away.

In life we don’t have much time, and the time that we do have is spent – living our lives nine to five and enjoying the rest on the ‘weekend.’

When the week ends, we shouldn’t stop living and loving what we dream to do – just because tomorrow is Monday.

Are we truly living out our passion or living just for the paycheque?

The road has already been paved, yet rarely do we walk it. Take advantage of the ‘Freeway’ and start living free in your own way.

That’s what inspires the stories written on the walls of an underground bar in Central Asia. It’s what persuades us enough to trust taking the path that leads to a mountainside of Temples in Japan.

Be excited to live each day without resistance and you’ll guide yourself along strange paths of amazing beginnings.

Isn’t that how you want to live?

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