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Live well - eat, drink, & exercise in Silver Lake

Living in Los Angeles, or any big city for that matter, it’s amazing how many toxins we are exposed to every day in our homes, at our jobs, and simply walking down the street. We put toxins in our bodies just by breathing. Because of this it’s even more important for us to pay attention to what we are eating and how we are living our lives. The good news is that living well is easier than ever before – especially here in Silver Lake, California.

I don’t know about you but my life is really full and I’m juggling at lest four different thinThe Sunset Junction in Silver Lake, Californiags (if not more) at one time. It’s like we have all become Plate Spinners from the circus! You know, the acrobats that spin plates on long slender sticks; 10, 15, 20 or more plates balanced precariously and spinning quickly on slender reeds while the skilled acrobat catches each one before it stops spinning and crashes to the floor. We are spinning and often our choices for food are made out of pure hunger and speed instead of nutritional value and well-being. Luckily, more health food restaurants and farmer’s markets are sprouting up across the urban jungle – even big retail outlets like Wal-Mart are catching on and providing a limited number of organic and healthy foods and getting a quick and healthy meal can now be almost as quick as McDonalds. Ah, the sweet smell of change – without the trans-fats and grease.

The Silver Lake neighborhood is an example of this change. Ten years ago this neighborhood was full of used furniture stores and dilapidated auto shops. The only food you could find was some greasy eats at a local dive. Now, it has become a healthy, feel good, hipster’s paradise with good, quick, and easy eats abounding. In fact, these restaurants have quick, easy, and healthy down. Fast food restaurants aren’t so fast anymore and can take up to a half hour for your food to be placed in front of you. On a recent trip to Bulan, a Thai vegan restaurant, Bulan it took almost the same amount of time but they served up two delicious dishes that were enough food for two meals. Now you can feel energized after eating this delicious food and support a local business. Some other great health conscious restaurants are Flore, LA Thai, and Cru. They all offer interesting and affordable menus with a decent turn-around. If you’re in the area most of them deliver!Cru, Los Angeles, CA

If your time is more tight and a half hour is just too long than consider getting a delicious smoothy, a shot of wheat grass, or a flavorful fresh squeezed juice at Naturewell. Surprisingly, even corporate places like Robek’s are a good place for you to quickly nutritionally charge up while supporting a healthier life.

Not only is it easier to eat healthy (and fast) but creating a lifestyle that is healthy is more accessible to all living here. It seems like yoga studios have taken over. Check out Yogi Dana at Studio A Dance. Be sure to join his e-mail list and get all kinds of free astrological information every month. In true Silver Lake style Dana’s classes are donation only, he has great energy, and the space is funky cool. It feels like it’s been there for some time and that it will continue to be for many more years…which is a good thing as so much is changing so fast. Silver Lake Yoga is also another great bet for getting your sweat on along with Urth Yoga just down the way.

If Yoga isn’t your thing then go for a walk. Living well doesn’t have to cost anything and one of the most amazing things to here is to take a walk around the Silver Lake Reservoir. The walk around the reservoir is calming, visually interesting (especially if you like architecture) and the new path around the lake that was opened earlier this year now allows you to walk completely around the lake without having to step into speeding traffic. Map of Silver Lake

Besides visiting the lake and taking in the serenity that sparkles off of it another experience and “must do” is to take in the stairs that climb the hills throughout the area. These are fun to experience as you will meet some of the most eclectic people ever and see some beautiful views while walking through history. For a list and map of many of the stairs go to the Franklin Hills Resident’s Association website.

It’s so easy to live and flourish here in Silver Lake - just walk out your door and explore the many options available to you; eat, drink, exercise, walk, and live healthy…it’s easy in Silver Lake.