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Live-tweeting death: Comedian Laurie Kilmartin is tweeting dad's last days

Laurie Kilmartin takes Twitter followers through her dad's last days.
Laurie Kilmartin takes Twitter followers through her dad's last days.

People grieve in different ways when death is coming their way for someone they truly love. Comedian Laurie Kilmartin has decided to live-tweet her father's death as he is in his last days due to lung cancer, and it's oddly, and morbidly, entertaining. It's been going on for a bit now, but really started trending worldwide on Feb. 26, 2014, as Kilmartin tweeted about "last rites."

"I said, 'Grandpa's dying,' and my 7 yo son looked up at me with his big brown chocolate drop eyes and said, 'what about his iPad?'"

Kilmartin's father is going to pass away soon, and there is nothing funny about that at all. Diagnosed with lung cancer, he was admitted to hospice care back on Feb. 20, 2014.

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At that point, the former finalist on "Last Comic Standing" began to start live-tweeting her father's approaching death.

The tweets range from sad to happy to grieving to joking to depressing to outlandishly hilarious. It is obvious that the grief hits Kilmartin sometimes.

"Hard to leave Dad's side. I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame (that's about to go out)"

Then, there are other times when it appears Kilmartin is trying hard to keep the spirits up of everyone she comes into contact with. Perhaps, the joking is also to keep her spirits up as well.

"Every day, I set a new goal of not seeing Dad's genitals when I help him off the toilet."

A number of people have chastised Kilmartin for being heartless and making a mockery of her father's dying days. Others are looking at her live-tweeting her dad's death as an inspiration and a way of treating death in an easier way.

No matter what, Laurie Kilmartin is there for her dad and family during one of their worst times. She is helping in her own ways and helping everyone maybe keep their sanity about them. No matter what her motives are behind tweeting her dad's death, she does have a goal in mind.

"Guys, I'm just trying to grieve in advance, so I can relax and have fun at the funeral."

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