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Live tornado report, Bridgeport, Nebraska, May 19, 2014

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May 19, 2014, started out with a low 2% tornado risk proposed for areas on Nebraska and Wyoming. In the afternoon today that SPC notice devolved, and a general meso scale discussion of severe thunderstorms was issued for about the same area. Dew points were low in Wyoming, early in the day, and increased in Nebraska during the late afternoon, firing off some amazingly powerful and well structured tornadic supercells. SPC issued a slight risk for tornadoes.

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Colt Forney and Lauren Hill were tracking these supercell mesocyclones. It just so happened, I tagged along for the ride. We watched some spectacular rotating supercells in the Sand Hills that evolved into a number of landspout-like tornadoes, on several different storms. We saw several power flashes in the distance under the meso vortex rotations, and visible signs of lofted debris in the rotating wind fields, as well. The track of these particular tornadic sorms (See slideshow) was from around Bridgeport to Sidney. The Bridgeport tornado did get tornado warned.

Tomorrow is May 20th, 2014, and is again projected to have a 2% tornado risk for areas of Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado. Wednesday is the day to watch, and if tornadic parameters continue to build, as they are presently modeled to do, there will likely be some very powerful tornadic storms in the area, with better dew points, and stronger cooler jet flow, making for some potentially larger tornadoes, than were present today.

Colorado is advised keep early warning situational awareness in mind for the next several days.


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