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Live the Costa Rican way

Enjoy the simplicity.
Enjoy the simplicity.
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        Pura Vida is the Costa Rican concept of pure life or living ones life as free and uncluttered as possible.  This idea has the power to reach into every aspect of our lives.  We as people tend to accumulate and hold onto unnecessary items throughout our time.  We carry the baggage of past relationships and regrets.  When we realize we do not need all of this excess, we truly become free.  We can organize and prioritize our lives and begin to let go.  We can make small changes slowly to make a big impact.  It can have a profound effect on ones stress levels, our health and most importantly our quality of life.  A good place to begin when trying to live Pura Vida is by removing physical clutter.   

  • Clean out and host a yard sale or simply donate any unneeded items.
  • Clothing is always needed at shelters or can be taken to Plato's Closet for some quick cash.
  • Furniture can be dropped off at Goodwill stores.
  • Un-subscribe to any junk mail and e-mails.  Many simply require an e-mail or phone call requesting a cancel.   This also reduces waste in landfills, as well as wasted time and energy sorting through cluttered mail and in-boxes.

   An area that is often overlooked, but can almost always use some cleaning is our finances.   Our bills and debts have a large impact on our stress levels and we can very easily become overwhelmed.  We may need lines of credit to live in modern day life, but we do not need them to be constantly at their limits.

  • Pay off any outstanding bills and credit cards.  Sort through and discontinue any unessecary expenses and cut up all, but one credit card.
  • Start saving for large purchases.
  • Move all accounts to one financial institution and enroll in online banking so you can better organize and view all accounts at once.

   A part of our lives that is a huge factor in how we deal with stress and how we perceive the world around us our mental health.  No matter how free and clear other areas of our lives may be our brain is the one calling the shots on how we view our surroundings.  Although unseen and easily hidden, our mind is the most important area that needs to be open, clear and healthy.

  • Volunteering is a great way to improve ones personal self worth.  Be sure to pick an organization that means something to you or matches your interests hobbies.
  • Work toward forgiving and forgetting be writing letters to those you wronged and vice-versa.
  • Strengthen relationships by sending loved ones thank you cards for their presence in your life.
  • Work on being more positive and putting positive thoughts out can work wonders on ones attitude.
  • Most importantly if you think you have a problem that you cannot solve yourself, do not be afraid to ask for help from someone qualified.

   Our diets and exercise habits should be a dream, the base of our healthy lives.  Yet for most people it is a nightmare, a constant battle and juggling act.  What we eat and our fitness sometimes need to be de-cluttered as well.

  • Ditch the gym and exercise outdoors; no stressful clock countdown, tract lighting and standing in line for the treadmill.  Plus there added bonuses of a Vitamin D boost from the sun, fresh air, as well as no monthly membership fees.
  • When grocery shopping look for items with as little ingredients as possible and be wary of anything with more than three syllables.
  • Try to eat foods closest to their natural state.


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