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Live streaming available for Craig/Harris debate

William Lane Craig and Sam Harris will continue the "God Debate" on Thursday, April 7th. They will debate the topic "Is Good From God" at the University of Notre Dame beginning at 7pm. Craig and Harris are renown authors and debaters on their respective sides of the debate. Dr. Craig is a frequent defender of Christianity and the existence of God. He has debated author and atheist Christopher Hitchens and Biblical critic Bart Ehrman, among others. Dr. Harris is one of the "New Atheists," along with Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Daniel Dennett, and authored the book The End of Faith. He is a frequent debater and defender of atheism.

Since the event will garner national attention, the debate will be streamed live on the Notre Dame TV website. ONe of the organizers of the debate has an inside look here. The twitter feed of Reasonable Faith (Dr. Craig's website) also has some debate information. Stay tuned for links to various reviews and post-debate comments.


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