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Live on air, "shock jock" Slater calls San Diego mayor candidate Alvarez a liar

Mike Slater, who called the mayoral candiate Mike Alvarez a liar during Slater's talk radio show.
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Live on his program on San Diego's KFMB AM, talk radio host Michael Slater accused mayoral candidate David Alvarez of "lying" in the controversy over the canceled mayor's debate that Slater was supposed to be hosting.

Slater, reacting to being called a "shock jock" by the Alvarez campaign, accused Alvarez of "bailing on the debate and then lying about why he refused to be here."

The special election to elect a new mayor to replace Bob Filner, who left office mid-term after a sexual harassment scandal, takes place today. The debate between the progressive Alvarez and the conservative Kevin Falconer was supposed to take place Thursday, Jan.30, but was called off by the Alvarez campaign. Both Gov. Jerry Brown and Pres.Obama have endorsed Alvarez.

"The bottom line is that Kevin Faulconer breached our agreement, trying to insert a moderator who's completely in-line with his right-wing conservative Republican values," Alvarez Campaign Manager Gabriel Solmer said in published accounts. "Just days ago, Slater called affordable housing a scam on his conservative shock-jock radio show."

The snub and the "shock jock" comment apparently hurt Slater's feelings as he went on a rant about Alvarez during his show the next day, saying Alvarez is in a "dream world" and "refuses to let reality get in the way" like "so many on the left."

Slater claimed to have documents that showed the Alvarez campaign knew in advance that Slater would host the show.

Falconer said "San Diegans missed a real opportunity" and added that the Alvarez campaign "made the wrong choice."

The Alvarez campaign could not be reached for comment to Slater's accusations.

Slater, who makes no secret of supporting Falconer, has been called a "wingnut" for past remarks and false assertions he has made while endorsing right wing views. In a FOX News appearance, he compared Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, who had made public comments insulting gays and African Americans, to Martin Luther King Jr. While discussing the issue of Americans going bankrupt despite having health insurance before the Affordable Care Act took effect, Slater he proclaimed “I can’t fathom that happening” and “I’ve never actually seen that happen” even though it has happened hundreds of thousands of time annually.

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