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Live news violent tornado Mayflower, AR - Little Rock tornado area

This is a live report from Lauren Hill-Forney, on scene tonight at the Mayflower tornado location, where a half mile wide violent tornado passed through Little Rock, Arkansas, on April 27th, 2014. At the present time, there are eight reported deaths from tornadoes tonight.

Radar Scope image, base velocity of the Mayflower tornado folded over velocities.
Chris Hill, Radar Scope image Mayflower tornado folded over velocities.
Jane ONeil took amazing shots of tornadoes on April 27, 2014 in Missouri
Jane ONeil (Aussy), Australia Sky & Weather

According to Lauren, "We were heading to Little Rock to track the tornadic storms. There was a lot of traffic on I-40 heading eastbound. After being on the EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, last year, we hung back a bit, to let the tornado pass, before we got into the area. From what we saw, it was total devastation, it looked again like the catastrophic Moore tornado type of damage, debarked trees, houses ground up with cars etc. people still trapped, broken gas mains. We arrived in Mayflower after the wedge passed through to see if anyone needed help. We noticed natural gas leaks were starting fires south of us, so I sent a picture of a home burning (See slideshow). We then went to a safe place, as more storms were coming, and to eat and collect ourselves, and then kept out of the way from newly arriving emergency crews. This was terrible, a lot of people need help." - Lauren Hill, Weather Adventures on scene Mayflower, Arkansas

"This devastation is unbelievable. We are going through rubble of homes right now and getting trapped people out. This is just terrible man!" John Hallen, Severe Warning Systems, on scene Mayflower, Arkansas

"Justin Walker in the TIV crew said, we here helping, this is so sad." via Paul Robinson, CSWR

Currently, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) preliminary count, for tonight, is 30 tornadoes, so far. This count could increase, as damage assessments are conducted. April 27th, 2014, will go down in the books as another powerful violent tornado outbreak, remembering the super tornado outbreak of April 27th, 2011.

Tornadic storms started firing near York, in eastern Nebraska, this afternoon in front of the powerful negative tilt low (L) that was setting up over southwest Nebraska. This tornado was followed by tornadoes in Kansas, and Texas, Missouri, and then near Little Rock, Arkansas tonight. Mayflower, Arkansas was hit hardest by a violent wedge tornado.

Many storm trackers lent immediate assistance to first responders, helping with vital search and recovery, and emergency first aid until backup official help arrived. Storm trackers providing input to this report include: Sean Casey, Justin Walker and the TIV crew, Reed Timmer, Dominator crew, John Hallen, Severe Warning Systems (SWS), Scott Peak, and his Base Hunters Chasing crew, Lauren Hill-Forney, Weather Adventures. There were many more storm trackers that helped victims, as well, and are continuing to help at this critical time. Special thanks to: Australia Sky & Weather and Jane ONeil (Aussy), for her tornado picture, and Dave Saurer, expert volume analyst, GR2 3D Analyst, Gibson Ridge meteorology software.

Meteorologists are looking at models, right now and predicting the tornado threats for tomorrow and the following days. This powerful system will likely hit many areas hard over the next several days.

Keep prepared and aware!

FEMA Tornado Preparation

If you want to provide help for the tornado relief, you can send funds to the following links.



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