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"Live Like an Animal" premiers Tuesday, January 17

Human hummingbirds??
Lincoln Park Zoological Society

TV show featuring men who lived like hummingbirds at Lincoln Park Zoo, is scheduled to air on Nat Geo on Nat Geo Wild.

Chicago--In mid August hundreds of people flocked to Lincoln Park Zoo to catch a glimpse of a strange and bewildering sight---a human size hummingbird being constructed on the zoo's main mall. Three men were attempting to live like hummingbirds as part of the new three-part television series Live Like an Animal, premiering Tuesday, January 17 on Nat Geo Wild.

The television show hosts Lloyd Buck, Matt Thompson and James Cooper, constructed the human-scale bird nest over several days at the zoo using bungee chords to replicate the sticky, stretchy properties of spider silk, the chief material in a hummingbird nest. To mimic the hummingbirds' diet of flower nectar, they subsist on a sickly sweet concoction triggering a dramatic sugar overload and subsequent wild behavior. Matt attempts to entice ladies at the zoo with a less-than-impressive courtship dance, and at the end of their adventure living like human hummingbirds, a major threat to the nest rolls in, a storm. Will the nest laugh in tthe face of the storm or will it "go down" in defeat?

The 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night air time for Live Like an Animal is CST.


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