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Live Greyhound racing tracks outside of the United States

Live Greyhound track racing in Australia
Live Greyhound track racing in Australia
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While live Greyhound racing interest and revenues continue to deteriorate in the United States, it remains a commercial enterprise world-wide. Live Greyhound track racing is established in the following countries, listed in alphabetical order:





New Zealand

United Kingdom


Within the United States, tracks and the Greyhound racing industry are uniformly monitored and controlled by The National Greyhound Association. Internationally, the regulation falls to the individual country and controls and regulation vary widely.

In the United States, there is a steady movement to end live Greyhound racing. But it does not stop there. Groups that work with tracks to adopt or “re-home” ex-racing Greyhounds when they no longer serve the racing industry’s commercial goals can be found in most states. Several agencies within the United States work with other countries to adopt out Greyhounds to loving families. Unfortunately, this moral stance and responsibility does not extend to several of the global racing venues. Several petitions have been prepared to specifically address the exportation of ex-racing Greyhounds from Australia to Macau where the policy is to euthanize all unprofitable dogs. When outrage spurs action against such archaic and inhumane actions, progress will start to change these medieval ideas.

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