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Live ghostcams at Spookmanor

It is a week-end and you would to love to go out to paranormal investigate a haunted location but you find you are trapped at home and unable to do so. There is a way you can do a real, ghost hunt without actually leaving your home. Also, gather evidence in way of audio and photo captures.

Spooky, scary visions in movie.
Billie Peel

If you are an armchair type ghost hunter and have nothing else to do on a weekend night, then you may wander to this website, Spookmanor Productions and take a glimpse at one or more of the live ghost cams listed on the website. There are several great webcams linked from the website that are located at places such as: haunted libraries, private homes, businesses and haunted towns such as Tombstone, Arizona.

If you would prefer watching shows/videos instead of the ghost cams, Spookmanor also has a theater room where they show some new videos they have produced. A scary video that is 45 minutes long named "Happy 4th my Dear", has just been added to the theater room. This movie is about a woman who is left at home alone while her husband is at work and finds herself face to face with all sorts of scary visions and hallucinations that drive her out into the desert. Surprise ending on this one!

Other videos may be found on the Spookmanor, YouTube channel.

On this website you can also read many numerous scary, ghostly stories and articles plus listen to some fairly eerie EVPS (spirit voices) captured! It even has a paranormal news page to keep up to date on strange happenings around the world.

Spookmanor Productions will welcome your visit and hopes you will find something of interest to make your week-end night entertaining!