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Live Class Connect Sessions versus Recordings

One-on-one with the teacher
One-on-one with the teacher
Emily L. Goodman

Once school has been in session for more than a few weeks, class connect sessions will kick off with much more frequency than their current once-a-day appearance. Seemingly overnight, once the teachers have settled on their schedules and the administration has developed a plan for the year, class connect sessions (live, online class sessions in which your child will have the opportunity to interact with teachers and peers) will go from once a day to several. In fact, there will be days when the majority of your child’s day is spent interacting via a class connect session.

If you were looking forward to a traditional homeschooling-style schedule, where you could allow your child to complete schoolwork when it was convenient for the family as a whole instead of between the hours of nine and four, this can be inconvenient.

Luckily, for middle schoolers, listening to recordings of the live sessions is almost always an option. As long as they log in, listen to the recording, and complete the survey that proves that they listened to it sometime before the end of the week, they’re still right on track, right? For many families, this seems like the obvious option, and one that they would prefer. However, there are some advantages to live class connect sessions.

Your child can have his questions answered in real time. This is the best opportunity your child will have to interact with his teachers and get any questions answered. Any time he’s struggling with a new topic, he’ll be better able to get the help that he needs during a class connect session. Sure, listening to the lesson might be enough to help improve understanding; but it’s not the same as interacting in real time, with a teacher looking over his work to see what it is that he’s failing to understand.

Class connect sessions allow for social interaction. Sure, it’s just “online chatting.” But…do you have friends that you mostly connect with via Facebook? How about friends that you text more commonly than actually speaking to? Your child will appreciate this interaction just as much as you do—maybe even more.

Live sessions help guide the school day. It’s easy to get distracted and think that you have plenty of time left in your day to get school work done. After all, you have other things that you have to get done! There’s grocery shopping, and cleaning, and cooking; and you may have other errands that you need to run, or other trips that you want to take with your kids. There are play dates to be had. All sorts of activities to be enjoyed. Before you know it, the day has gotten away from you, and your child has accomplished little or nothing.

Making live class connect sessions a priority, however, means that you have a scheduled time each day that is focused on schoolwork. If you schedule learning time around these sessions, then it becomes a logical part of your day instead of being an afterthought.

Your child will likely absorb more. In the live sessions, teachers regularly monitor and ensure that the children are all paying attention. They ask interactive questions, give assignments, and generally assess to make sure that everyone is actually engaged in the lesson. Listening to the recording, this might not necessarily be the case. Your child could be doing any number of things with the live session running in the background, and you would never know the difference. During a live session, the teacher is keeping an eye on it, so you’ll know if your child wasn’t paying attention.

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