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Live Blues and BBQ

Famous Dave's BBQ & Blues: "Live Blues and BBQ". LOCATED: Uptown; 3001 Hennepin Ave. So. (tel. 612-822-9900); Calhoun Square, Lake and Hennepin, 1st floor (off alley just across from parking ramp).

     Hot times, barbecue, and blues - served amidst the beat of Louisiana Zydeco of Chicago's "L" district... wait, whass’at? Chicago and Louisiana? A strange mix, to be sure, and with a Texas twang to beat - and "the best damn brisket you'll ever taste!"
     Yes, a visit to Famous Dave's in Uptown's Calhoun Square is a step into... well, nowhere else on this Earth. Situated "round back" from Calhoun's main entry, the eclectic spaciousness of Famous Dave's barbecue and blues palace strikes the uninitiated like something "outa this world." And "out-of" this world it is (at least parts of it) as the tin roof above the bar (Louisiana) bounces off signs pointing you to the Halsted Street Garage (Chicago), and the rhythm of the elevated train overhead (Chicago again) intermingles with the sounds of revelry and munchin' (you guessed it, Texas!). All this amidst a sampling of some of the world's best blues. Now repeat that five times fast!
     To say that people come here for the barbecue is an understatement. To say that people come here for the blues is an understatement. To say that people come to escape "the blues," well, that too. To say that people come here for the barbecue and the blues and the sort of good times you can't find anywhere else in town - now that hits the mark. In fact, so famous is Famous Dave's in Uptown that you'll even find the acts hangin' 'round before and after their sets enjoying the scene!
Indeed, while their signage would implore you to "grab a load and hit the road," we think they mean "eat, drink and dance" (and they'll be happy to tell you that their entire menu is available to-sit or to-go 'til midnight).
     So, whether it is the hunger that hits, or those smooth, mellow-hits you hunger for, Dave's is the place for a little taste of that down-home-home-town groove. Besides, everyone can relate to the Blues!


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