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‘Live Big with Ali Vincent’ season premiere on LiveWell Network

On the recent early-morning episode of “Live Big with Ali Vincent” seen on Eastern Time at 1:35 a.m., Ali Vincent, the first female winner of “The Biggest Loser,” started her new season with this episode.

Ali Vincent star of the Live Well Network hit Live Big with Ali Vincent
Live Well Network

At a starting weight of 234 pounds, she won it all in season five by losing a whopping 112 pounds and weighed in at 122. By watching each week and seeing Ali and her mother together, fans felt that they knew her. Now with her own show, the fans will truly get to know the real Ali as she battles the weight-loss journey that will continue forever.

When Ali is not traveling the country, helping others lose weight and live healthy lives, she lives in Spokane, Wash. Here she escapes the spotlight and recharge by connecting with family and friends. She showed viewers her refrigerator, with contents that make it easy for her to eat healthy, but she confessed that she was normal, as there was beer in her fridge. She is also a gadget collector and showed some fun items.

She has a small gym in her home with a treadmill among other items, but her best item in her gym is the full-size depiction of her before picture, when she weighed 234 pounds. Before she won the competition, she was a hair stylist, and several of her friends and family members, will not let her forget that, so she is the stylist for the family.

In her home office, it predominates with pink. When she and her mother joined the competition, they were given pink as their team color. At first, they were not thrilled, but since then, it has become a symbol of strength among women, so using that power, she believes she and her gender can do anything.

A viewer asked Ali how she can boost her energy, because she always feels drained. Ali replied, that she should eat every two to three hours, so make sure to get in all those vegetables and fruits to fuel your body.

On Ali’s travels across the country as a television personality and motivational speaker, life can get pretty hectic on the road. Back home, she unwinds with pilates, at her sister Amber’s pilates studio.

Another viewer asked what was the best oil to use for sautéed vegetables? Ali let her know that a tablespoon of olive oil is 120 calories, so by using a cooking spray, those calories can be better used elsewhere.

In Spokane, an annual race called Bloomdsay, is a 7.5-mile race for charity, but is an inspiration for all in the Spokane area to stay fit and healthy and enjoy life. Ali did not know about this race prior to her move from Arizona to Spokane, but now plans to run every year.

Ali went to a sushi class with her sister and nephew. Amber does not like fish, and finally got to try sushi for the first time.

Another question posed to Ali asked if she had any post and pre-workout meal suggestions? She stated that some kind of carbohydrate, like oatmeal in the morning or brown rice for lunch, then after the workout, some kind of protein, like a protein shake or chicken breast.

Another viewer asked how many calories she consumed in a day? Although Ali consumes around 2,000 calories a day, she recommends speaking with a nutritionist or doctor to find out exactly what is best for everyone. When she is trying to lose weight, she stays between 1,200 and 1,500 calories a day.

At a family barbeque, she knows how easy it is to be out of control. However, her family knows that family gatherings are about family, not marathon eating and unhealthy foods on this episode of “Live Big with Ali Vincent.”

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