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Live at the Bike Presents: Danielle "dmoongirl" Andersen

The popular internet webcast announced yesterday that, on September 12, 2011 at 7:30 p.m., Danielle 'dmoongirl' Andersen will be a featured player in the popular No Limit Hold'em cash game. Live at the Bike is the only poker ring game that is streamed live, on a 10 minute delay, regularly every Tuesday and Friday. The show teaches poker afficianados how to improve upon their cash table skills. Popular poker trainer Bart Hanson, well known sports commentator, Dave Tuckman and professional poker player Nichoel Jurgens explain the action and discussing the rights and wrongs that happen as the game is being played. Often, featured players will also do interviews with the commentators and talk about game theory to give the viewing audience insight into the minds of some of the winningest players in the game.

Danielle "DMoonGirl" Andersen
Marie-Lizette Acoba

Andersen is considered to be one of the top online cash game players around and one of the few women to successfully earn her living at the $25/$50 No Limit Hold'em 6-max on-line. If you've never heard of Danielle, you're not alone, the 27-year-old wife and mother from New Ulm, Minnesota chose to stay out of the spot light. However, like many professional poker players with money stuck on Full Tilt, Danielle has had to step away from her computer and small town lifestyle to play in live cash games in card houses like Commerce Casino and The Bicycle Casino, in order to continue her profession and support her family.

In addition to her appearance on Live at the Bike tonight, Andersen will be featured in the upcoming poker documentary, "Boom," scheduled for release in 2012. To learn more about Danielle Anderson, read about her fascinating journey in her CardRunners Blog and these recent articles: Perspective of an Internet Poker Player, by Scarlet Robinson, and Danielle "dmoongirl" Anderson Interview, by: Bill Seibert

You can also follow Danielle Anderson on Twitter: @dmoongirl


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