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Live 100.5 at risk of going off air...

Lead singer of indie rock band, "The Yeah Yeah Yeah's." Could local B'ham station 100.5 go off air?
Lead singer of indie rock band, "The Yeah Yeah Yeah's." Could local B'ham station 100.5 go off air?
AP Photo/Carlos Jasso

Once upon a time there was a radio station unlike any other in the area, which played music that no other station could or would--local music, indie alternative rock from across the nation, and the world's best electronic music. That station is not fantasy, but Birmingham's "Live 100.5.'" And yet now, that fairy tale appears at risk of going off air.

Throughout the 1990's, the station that used to be called "the X" brought a unique collection of music to listeners on a daily basis. The station quickly grew popular; so much so in fact that the 'X' decided to hold concerts in what was at the time termed the "X-Lounge". After numerous CD releases from the 'X-lounge' and years of success, the station unfortunately faded from memory, thereby leaving a void.

Fast forward a few years later, and a much improved version of 'the X' emerged to reign supreme even reviving a few of the DJ's that had worked for the previous station. But make no mistake, this was not the same '107.7 the X' that had boomed in the 1990's. This time around the station got innovative, broadening its appeal and jumping on the recent 'hipster craze.' In fact, as this author mentioned in his previous article on hipsters, 'Live's' own "DJ Coco" recently hosted the city's popular dance party, "Kids Got the Disco."

Suffice to say, "Live 100.5" has come a long way since the days of the "X-Lounge." But while the station has been beloved around town for its broad appeal, it remains a business. And this business has suffered through a recent transfer in management, in which profit declined and in which company executives were left disappointed to say the least. But the question remains: can "Live 100.5" survive this financial hiccup?

For now the answer remains elusive but the response from listeners has been overwhelming. This week, a group was started on Facebook regarding the station in peril and in just 48 hours, has already gained 8,571 members. Moreover, radio supporters have filled the inboxes of radio personnel, the result being multiple mentions of the movement on air. Whether the movement proves a success or not, one fact is clear: if "Live 100.5" does go off air, Birmingham will be without a station to play music not covered by others in the area and local music, along with indie rock and electronic music, will disappear from the city's airwaves.


  • D 5 years ago

    Wow, I didn't realize Live 100.5 was 107.7 the X reborn, although it DOES make sense! Still, I actually LIKED The Vulcan better in its short 3 year run, and though I mourned it, Live 100.5 is a great new rock station, and if it dies we really won't have a new rock station AT ALL in Birmingham! :(

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