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Liv Tyler visits with Long Islanders while breaking from filming 'The Leftovers'

Liv Tyler took a break from filming "The Leftovers" to have snacks with a Long Island family in Malverne.
Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images

Liv Tyler surprised Long Island residents with a social visit when the actress took a break from filming HBO’s newest drama, “The Leftovers,” according to Newsday on Tuesday.

Cast and crew of "The Leftovers," premiering on HBO in June, were busy filming in the Long Island village of Malverne on Friday. The new drama based upon the bestselling novel by Tom Perrotta, who serves as co-producer, stars Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman and Liv Tyler. Pete Maraia, 59, a resident of Wicks Lane, located around the block from production, stopped by the set and came across Liv as she exited her makeup trailer. The 36-year-old actress graciously paused for a photo, and then Maraia invited Steven Tyler’s daughter to his home, “stop by, we’ll be here all night.”

Maraia has been a resident of Malverne for 33 years and his house is an open social spot for neighbors. At around 9:30 pm, Pete’s daughter Donna called to her father and said, “dad, she’s here.’ Liv Tyler and a male crewmember entered the Long Island home to greet family and about 20 friends of the Maraias. Newsday reported Liv stayed approximately two hours as she sat on a stool around the family's kitchen island, chatting, laughing, answering questions, posing for photos and noshing on chips, cheese, crackers and watermelon.

Pam Maraia, 58, Pete’s wife noted Liv was just as interested in the folks gathered as they were by her. Tyler asked them questions and jotted down funny and moving remarks on a napkin while she took photos of the guests. The "Armageddon" actress told neighbor Myra Jawdoszyn that when she arrived in the small Long Island village and witnessed the kids playing baseball on the field, “it looked like a movie set or something out of a storybook.”

Justin Theroux who plays Kevin Garvey, father of two and chief of police in a small New York suburb, also posed for photographs with the Malverne residents during filming on Friday. However, Theroux passed on an invite to the Maraia’s get-together, due to dinner plans in the city.

As midnight approached a crewmember fetched Tyler because she had one more scene to film and a photo shoot in the morning. Guests suggest Liv didn’t want to leave as she hugged and kissed her new friends goodbye. They exchanged contact information, and before the actress left, she whispered in Pete's ear, “You know, my real name isn’t Tyler.” She was of course invited to next year’s holiday bash.

Liv Tyler’s newest venture follows Kevin Garvey after two percent of the world’s population mysteriously disappears and “The Leftovers” try to find a sense of normalcy. HBO’s newest drama premieres June 29 at 10pm.

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