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Littleton's Best Groomers

Whether you have a cat or a dog, pet grooming is an important part of your furry loved one’s well-being. Regular grooming can help prevent skin and coat problems, and does wonders for keeping your pet happy and healthy. Many pet owners choose to go beyond the basics of nail trimming and brushing, which serves to greatly benefit the animal.

Most groomers provide the option of special shampoos, anti-shedding treatments, custom cuts, ear cleaning and more. Proper hygiene for your pets is vital to their health, and grooming is a necessity for most breeds.

Not sure where to start? Provided in this article is a list of the top ten groomers in Littleton, CO. This list was compiled based on reviews from local clients who have used the groomer’s services. Ratings are based on customer service, pricing, quality of grooming, and animal care.

1.) Deer Creek Animal Hospital – 303.973.4200
2.) A Paw Spa – 303.416.2887
3.) The Pooch Mobile – 866.933.5111
4.) Central Bark – 303.730.1001
5.) Ruff N Reddy Grooming – 303.795.1248
6.) Groomingdales – 303-948-1780
7.) The Poodle Shop – 303.730.3200
8.) It’s a Dog Life – 720.922.9044
9.) Perfect Paws – 303.972.8581
10.) Wag N’ Wash – 303.973.9274

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