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Little Yellow Teapot

One of the best tea reviewers out there...really!
One of the best tea reviewers out there...really!
Photo by A.C. Cargill

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Being taken seriously in the world of tea review has often created, unfortunately, a dearth of humor and wit. When did tea get so stuffy? One reviewer of tea is the loving and delightful owner of a rather cheeky Yellow Tea Pot. Her name is A.C. Cargill but, sorry A.C., this article is about her precocious tea pot. This tea pot; interviews other tea pots, steeps his humans tea for them, is a bit of a Casanova tea pot (His flirting escapades are legendary.) and offers bits of tea witticisms and insights with a splash of attitude. His charm and cheek help keep Twitter lively (@LittleYelloTPot). His and his human's tea reviews are well done, well photographed and informative. They are exceedingly helpful to all who navigate the sometimes confusing world of tea. If you have never heard of Little Yellow Tea Pot and his tea reviews, I highly recommend following him on Twitter and checking out his blog. LYT ( Little Yellow Tea Pot) is fun as well as informative. After all, if you can't have fun with tea and read a review written by a tea pot (whom better to know about tea than the item closest to the leaf?) You are just taking tea and life entirely too serious.


  • Elizabeth Urbach 4 years ago

    I agree! I enjoy Little Yellow Teapot's Twitter posts as much as you do. I haven't had the time to look at all of the reviews on the website, though, so thanks for the link! I'm definitely looking it up.

    Elizabeth Urbach
    San Jose Tea Examiner

  • Kate 3 years ago

    Loved your great descriptive post about the beloved LittleYelloTPot ! He's flirted with my Tea Pot Bank...(can't make tea in it, but it's good for saving the coins to buy the tea)...We do love his tweets!

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