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Little Soya gluten free soy sauce launches to the International Space Station

The little fish that started it all
The little fish that started it all
Photo courtesy of: Little Soya

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to escape from planet earth and launch into space? Ever thought of exercising in space, eating in space or trying to connect with those on planet earth via social media? Now imagine trying to squeeze a packet of your favorite soy sauce onto a roll of sushi or your favorite dish while orbiting around the equator.

Astronauts do need to eat and sleep just like those of us here on the ground. Close your eyes and imagine squeezing a soy sauce packet onto your food, for it all to disappear or get all over that beautiful, white, pristine space suit. Many here on earth cannot begin to comprehend what life would be like in space, let alone try to eat, sleep or keep up with the worlds current events.

Behind the scenes at NASA & Lockheed Martin top research scientists analyzed the best way to solve the problem of soy sauce splattering into space. How could astronauts eat their favorite foods, without having to deal with messy plastic squeeze packets? To no avail, the problem has been solved.

Gary T. Murphy, also mentioned how it all happened. “About two years ago we received a phone call from NASA & Lockheed Martin stating they were looking for a solution to their soy sauce issues on the International Space Station. One of the astronauts had complained on his last debriefing, that when he would open a soy sauce packet in space, it would spew all over. The wife of one of our astronauts had seen our little fish-shaped packets at a local H-E-B grocery store and thought they might be perfect for the ISS.”

Founder & CEO, Gary T. Murphy really couldn't believe it when he received the first call from NASA & Lockheed and Martin inquiring about Little Soya. Murphy stated, "It is quite an honor and privilege to know that our soy sauce packets beat out all leading brands, in the world, to be used on the International Space Station.”

The International Space Station will soon experience the first gluten free and low sodium soy sauce.

On July 25, 2014, The International Space Station will be launching the Ariane 5, ATV-5 rocket into space carrying Little Soya's gluten free fish packets. This is the first time ever that gluten free soy sauce will make it's way to space. Little Soya started with a simple but unique concept aiming to be the best single-serve premium soy sauce for it’s first client in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino.

The small idea that hatched in a pond in Las Vegas, has turned into an even bigger idea in the last four years as chefs around the country tasted Little Soya's little fish packets. Little Soya's rave reviews and tasting results resulted in Little Soya being asked to produce larger size containers for all back of the house cooking.

What started off as small fish packets, small enough to fit in a person's back pocket, has now outgrown itself and moved to even larger fish tanks. The little fish that could, has really outdone itself and has now jumped into a new home in half gallon and five gallon containers.

Caesar's palace was not the only hotel to take note of this low sodium, gluten free soy sauce, but can now be found swimming in the ponds of a myriad of hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada. Little Soya can also be found at the MGM Grand, Mirage, TAO Group, Palms, Marquee and Stations Casinos.

In Los Angeles Little Soya has made quite the splash at the Hilton Universal, Gingergrass and Bourbon Street Bar & Grill. Additionally, Kunfusion & Innovative Dining Group all have come to love using Little Soya for their to-go options.

Richard Branson is another big fan of Little Soya and this low sodium, gluten free product has been used on Virgin Airlines flights. So, if you haven't had a chance to try Little Soya yet head on over to their website to learn more about the little fish that will be soon landing on outer space.

If the website doesn't satisfy your soy sauce needs then be sure to turn in live to watch the ATV-5 rocket launch live into space on July 25. You can watch it too at”

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