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Little Sisters of the Poor give charity of good name

Charity goes a long way in the elderly world!
Charity goes a long way in the elderly world!
Little Sisters of the Poor Palatine

While in this world of ‘me, me, me,’ it is always good to see people that are concerned with the welfare of others as opposed to thinking of themselves! The Little Sisters of the Poor out of Palatine, Illinois, are one such group of charitable women that give as opposed to believing that they are eligible to receive!

In fact, the Sisters, like other caregivers, feel as though they are receiving because they get to witness a side of the elderly that they care for that many others will never get the chance to see. People tend to judge the sisters because they have taken vows of chastity, poverty and obedience but these women see that by doing so they are offered gifts from people that others tend to cast aside. So they are pleased to offer their whole being as a living sacrifice in order to care for people and please God at the same time.

By caring for otherwise homeless elderly folks, some of the gifts given back are historical in nature. The nuns get to relive, through their charges, a time and place that they may not have known otherwise. The residents are so grateful that they do not mind sharing themselves as they rapidly approach their “Autumn Years.” Sometimes without the good sisters, they would have no one, so the charity tends to go both ways as the sisters have given up being around family so these people become their family!

As Sister Marguerite stated in this month’s brochure published by the Little Sisters of the Poor Saint Joseph’s Home, “There is so much strength, wisdom and perseverance in the elderly. It is easy to miss if you are just looking at the frail exteriors.” That is why Saint Joseph’s home is such a blessed place to be and why the Little Sisters of the Poor are such a special group of women – they see beyond what is obvious and look to place where others fail to go.

While the nuns operate their facilities based primarily on donations, they always know that the love will come from somewhere. They have a heartfelt belief that the good in others will help them sustain the people that they are meant to care for. That is why their success has been so great in the past and they believe it will continue well into their future.

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