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Little Shelter seeks help for lovable Brie

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Although they have no idea of how and why Brie, a one-year old long haired German shepherd came to be homeless, the Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center in Huntington, NY does know that she has a “a sweet, gentle nature and appears to have been a family dog.”

“She was loving and trusting right from the start, loves people and is always ready to play,” commented a spokesperson for the Shelter.

Her only flaw seems to have been the fact that she was born with a severe overgrowth of her jaw bone, which caused it to grow up to her ears making it impossible for her to open her mouth all the way, let alone chew properly. In fact, the only thing Brie could eat was soft wet food, until Little Shelter’s medical director arranged for her to have corrective surgery.

Brie is now being fostered by one of their volunteers. However she is still in need of a forever home. In addition the Shelter reports that they are in desperate need of funds to help pay for her medical costs.

“While we have made significant strides to give Brie a normal, happy life, we are not sure what her future medical needs might be,” We understand that this is a difficult financial time but if you can make a donation to help us with this expense we would certainly appreciate it.”

To learn more about making a donation to Brie’s Medical Fund, and/or possibly adopting her, please call the Little Shelter Animal Rescue at 631 368-8770 ext. 26. Checks can also be mailed to the at 33 Warner Rd. Huntington, NY 11743.