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Little Richard tells Chap Oscar

Little Richard Loves Everybody
Little Richard Loves Everybody
Oscar Smith Photos

Nashville, TN

"I'm not conceited-I'm convinced!" Listen Oscar " R&B had a baby and somebody named it Rock &Roll." Oh what an awesome person to have as a VIP Client always the biggest thousand watt smile and the Skycaps at Nashville International Airport know when Little Richard shows up because each one was tipped his usual minimum gratuity aka tip was a crisp one hundred dollar bill. I have moved on to my Chap Oscar duties but Oscar The Limo Doctor "Chauffeur to the Stars"days still linger. It is my honor to highly esteem Little Richard because of his loving and generous spirit and because he beams his love to the world from downtown Nashville. Our Team at made sure it's very first banner was a photo of Little Richard as Honorary Mayor.

One evening I asked Little Richard about something that lingered on my mind for many years that only he could provide a solid answer, what in God's name is wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-boom? Chap I'm the Architect of Rock & Roll I blew the lid off with "Tutti Frutti with electrifying vocals spine-tingling piano runs! See More at we so appreciate your visit.