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Little Rascals cast reunite after 20 years

22 Vision

For those of us that grew up as elementary school children in the early 90s, we probably remember the classic movie called The Little Rascals. It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since the 1994 film aired on television. The cast recently came together for a photo shoot hosted by 22 Vision.

22 Vision

The shoot was a fun and memorable one as the cast reenacted scenes from the flick, as well as the movie cover photo. In addition to the photo op, to commemorate the 20 year reunion, the The Little Rascals will be returning to IMAX screens this weekend for a re-release, but only for one week only. So, 90s babies, this is the perfect time to show your little ones a taste of what movies and TV was like when you were their age.