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Little plates, little prices...Lots of fun!

Pete Wentz/ Co-Owner of 
Angels & Kings
Pete Wentz/ Co-Owner of Angels & Kings

Settling to go out to dinner when really all you want to do is just get out of your house is frustrating and a waste of money. We all fall victim to this as dinner is a fail safe option to getting out and doing something as everyone needs to eat. Quite often, I find myself going out to eat, ordering a meal only to end up taking most of it home as I wasn't hungry to begin with. I've tried the whole going out with people eating dinner and just ordering a drink but it always odd not eating as I start to feel like either the alcoholic or anorexic at the table. Small plates and tapa style restaurants are good for going out and ordering something small to nibble on as others chow down, but those places tend to be on the more expensive side for such little portions. So, where can we find a balance between small plates, cheap prices and a fun hang-out atmosphere?

This past weekend, I how myself not particularly in the mood to eat out, but I wanted to go out and be social. A group of my friends thought it would be fun to try out Angels & Kings located at 1708 N. Las Palmas Ave, on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. I have never been before and being a fan of so many of Dolce Group's establishments, I thought I ought to give it a try.

Angels & Kings has a darker, more masculine feel to it. It has leather booths and bar stools, short wood tables and plain white candles for lighting. The faux brick walls give it an urban, almost New York feeling and the bar has a crisp, clean feeling with a little bit of a rugged vibe as an artistic bronzed (and more importantly fake) deer head with over sized, long antlers towers over it. This place has lots going on, yet in a subtle, less-is-more kind of way.  

My friends and I took to a booth area and occupied a couple tables. The first thing I was happy to notice was that the drinks were priced reasonably, especially for Hollywood. Everyday of the week you can get $3 drafts, $4 bottles & $5 well drinks. Angels & Kings specialty cocktails are offered daily for just $9 as well. Can't complain about those prices! The menu, although small offers a wide variety and although the portions are little, the food is filling and perfect for nibbling or making a meal out of with a few plates at once. Clicking will pull up the menu for a look at the offerings.

Part owned by Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy,  Angels & Kings pulls in a music crowd and the sounds playing throughout the night are not so mainstream and more on the eclectic side. The atmosphere is chill, but still happening enough to make you want to look good before heading out. Angels & Kings is a great place to either start your night out with a cocktail, or spend the entire evening lounging around, talking it up with friends or sitting back and taking in the new music. I plan on heading out to Angels & Kings again soon only this time perhaps on a weeknight as the weekend crowd (as expected in any place on Hollywood Blvd) got a little crowded and loud. Nevertheless, with no cover charge, great prices and a location that can't be beat, Angels & Kings is worth hitting up any night of the week.

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    This place pulls in a rocker crowd on Fridays at least. If you don't like tats and rock, it could be annoying. food is god though and good prices on drinks too.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I appreciate your writing. Your articles feel more like stories and I like that.

  • Judy M 4 years ago

    Will try,sound great

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