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'Little People Big World' couple Amy and Matt Roloff separate

Amy and Matt Roloff of "Little People Big World" have separated.
Amy and Matt Roloff of "Little People Big World" have separated.
TV Guide

On March 12 People shares that the couple of "Little People Big World," Matt and Amy Roloff have separated.

While they were not without their struggles, the couple seemed to handle the "big world" quite well together and were doing awesome. Apparently, appearances can be deceiving since that wasn't quite the case.

Amy Roloff says that last year was a long and slow one for the couple and they had several challenges just getting through. The separation wasn't her idea, but she says that it is likely for the best because after 26 years of marriage, the one thing that her and Matt never learned to do was live with each other. Matt claims that he often felt like a stranger in his own house. They stuck it out for years and years when they likely shouldn't have and something need to change.

Matt didn't go far, however, just to the guest house on the farm. The couple still work together every day on the farm, in their business endeavors, and in raising their four children.

Amy says that currently, there is no plan on how they are going to work on their marriage, so it's obviously going to be difficult. There is no word on what any of their children think of their separation.