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Little Mac confirmed to be playable in new 'Smash Bros'

Today's Nintendo Direct featured the introduction of a newcomer to the Super Smash Bros series, that being Little Mac of Punch-Out fame.

Little Mac will be joining the newest Smash Bros battle

Little Mac is a pint-sized boxer known for his small stature and big punches. It appears that most of his attacks are based off those famous punches and it looks as if a counter ability will also be a very prominent move. He was not shown to have any projectile attacks.

His Final Smash attack features the once tiny Little Mac increasing his size to intimidating proportions, much like the Giga Bowser Final Smash. Another move seen is a meter that fills up during the fight that seems to increase his punching strength.

Little Mac first burst onto the scene of gaming way back in the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. He is the star of the Punch-Out series and is known for his signature move, the "Star Uppercut." He is no stranger to famous fighters, as Mike Tyson was one of his original rivals.

The boxer has been rumored to be joining the fray ever since the first trailer for the newest Smash Bros game was released. The speculation was made strong by the fact that a boxing ring was one of the initial stages that fans were shown.

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