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Little Mac confirmed as a new fighter in the next ‘Super Smash Bros.’ titles

Gameplay image showcasing Little Mac in the next "Super Smash Bros." titles
Gameplay image showcasing Little Mac in the next "Super Smash Bros." titles

The latest episode of Nintendo Direct revealed a new fighter for the next “Super Smash Bros.” titles. That character is Little Mac, and he was revealed on February 13, 2014. Little Mac is the protagonist of the “Punch-Out!!” franchise.

Little Mac, the newest fighter to be added to the next "Super Smash Bros." titles

Little Mac’s reveal trailer showed a fair amount about the new fighter. He appears to be either a light or middle weight fighter. He does appear to be somewhat fast, in both his movement and attacks. He is also a somewhat short fighter, as is shown when his height is compared to Samus’ about halfway through the trailer.

Some of his special attacks were shown in the trailer as well. These include a spiral uppercut for his Up and B attack, and a counter attack ability (the input for this is unknown, but it is likely Down and B) similar to Lucario, Ike, and Marth’s counters from “Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” His Final Smash ability was also shown. It turns him into a much larger fighter, in a transformation that is somewhat similar to The Hulk from Marvel Comics (except without the green color change).

The trailer also showed a unique mechanic that Little Mac can use. Above his health bar is a meter that fills up under unknown conditions (it likely fills up by hitting opponents or getting hit by opponents). Once full, the meter turns into a “K.O.” logo. Once the logo appears, Little Mac can use a really strong attack that appears like it could be an instant kill move. It’s also possible that this meter could just cause Little Mac’s next attack to do much more damage or have much more knockback.

To view Little Mac’s reveal trailer, visit the link below:

Little Mac's reveal trailer for the next "Super Smash Bros." titles

To learn more about the next “Super Smash Bros.” titles, visit the link below:

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