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Little Known Affordable Promotional Items in Canada

Creative Marketing Ideas
Creative Marketing Ideas
Creative Marketing Ideas

In the days of internet, it is almost impossible to come up with something unique and reap the benefits for a long time. The word usually gets around and before you know, people start utilizing the idea in their unique ways.

It is pretty similar in the creative marketing ideas category too. Striking balance between budget and great ideas that will attract people is very difficult but if you do, the ideas will not stay exclusive for a long time.

Our list of affordable yet unique promotional ideas has got grave reviews recently. So, we decided to come up with something more.

Pet Toys : Companies concentrate on consumers so much that they forget everyone around them. Something for the cats or dogs will also be a sweet gesture that they will remember for a long time. And it amazing because you will not be spending more than a dollar or two on each piece. It’s unique, affordable and efficient.

Just make sure that you choose sturdy materials for rough play.

Whiskey Glass Set : Who wouldn’t like a set of whiskey glasses with ice cubes that will not dilute the drink in any way? While the idea of whiskey glasses is very clichéd, just a little innovative tip will lend new life top the idea.

You can use it for corporate gifting or give away events for a mere price of around 10 dollars per set.

Trendy USB Flash Drives : If your business is based around children or teenagers, there can be nothing better than tech products. Trendy flash drives in different colors, shapes and designs when customized with your logo will be an instant hit. Interestingly, you will not be spending a lot of money on it either. Many options are available for less than 2 dollars.

If possible, paste a video or images of products that you want to sell in the drive.

Pen and Notebook Set : Giving away diaries and pen is also the old-school idea but when you combine these two with effective designing, things will work. Single, rich color notebooks with same color pen are in trend and are cool to carry too. You can easily customize the notebooks and pens with logo for less than 2 dollars. Add a pen holder or bookmark in the notebook for better results.

Do not get your logo or name imprinted on each page of the notebook. People do not like to carry such stuff anymore.

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