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Little girls destroyed by the word 'bossy'

Little Girls
Little Girls
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Amidst our glorious era of political and cultural liberalism we are constantly discovering that words are hurtful and oppressive and some words hold us down because we are sensitive creatures and as such some of us are in need of editing of the old language by the enlightened progressives.

The latest oppressor is the word "bossy". Liberalism has discovered girls ( little weaklings that they are) hath doth been called bossy throughout history and this is one reason for their unequal status when measured against men. Men, when bossy, are called jerks but that's only because they are. It doesn't seem to affect them though. They go about life without a care in the world. Someone calls them "jerk" they go on being bossy jerks.

Enter the new campaign "Ban Bossy". It has a website, Celebrities are in on the campaign including the first lady and her role-model, Beyonce, actress Jennifer Gardner, war criminal Condolesa Rice and others I never heard of and from the looks of them, I'm glad I never had. As the dictionary had become smaller in George Orwell's 1984, our real-world dictionary is too large. This may be too crass a comparison, but if bossy isn't safe...

On the site there is a 7 year old girl who took Lego Toys "to task" for "Gender Stereotype" stating she wanted more "Lego girl people go on more adventures". She wrote to Lego that Lego girl people were always on the beach, going shopping and "had no jobs" while the boys had jobs, saved people and were "swimming with sharks" which isn't so smart, but if Lego guys are doing it, why not the girls?

It didn't occur to the little brat that perhaps it is boys who were being stereotyped for being dopy little suckers who worked at the behest of the Lego girls who spent their money shopping for clothing and lounging on the beach. Who can complain about that? I would think a 7 year old boy would in fear for his future.

But you see, there is a need to complain because girls can do whatever it is that men can do even if it means swimming with sharks and working for a living and we shouldn't think otherwise or have toys make us believe anything else even if it means making a physical means test a little less gender biased.

Buy wait a minute, are they saying that women are such delicate little simps who let words hurt them so profoundly? The web site has a silly little illustration of a girl with her head down holding a microphone so as to convey dejection presumably because she was called bossy. A caption says "girls are twice as likely as boys to worry that leadership roles will make them seem 'bossy'". It's a fact made out of whole cloth to be sure, but aside from that there is a bit of stereotyping here too. Poor little girls, can't take it can you? Sissy! Little Kyle over there was called bossy and he went on to become a proper bully. But you sulk with a microphone. What's with the microphone anyway?

So let's ban the word bossy for the little girls because the word holds them down therefore girls don't grow up to be leaders but boys do. Of course this can't be the only word we should ban, certainly there is a bunch more that do damage to girls and women and gays or whomever the new flavor victim of the month is. So lets not start at one word, collect a whole bunch of them, put them in a book and we can ban it and then go on to burn it.

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