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Little girl lost: Find DC missing child resident, Relisha Rudd

Missing #Relisha. The parable of the lost coin. Simply put.

YES! MAYOR GRAY, lets Search, clean, organize until Relisha is discovered. Just like the Parable of the Lost Coin from LUKE.

This is fifth in a series of articles about Relisha Rudd, the missing then 8 year old DC child.April is Child Abuse preventions month. This is not a professional paper, legal advice or diagnostic. The purpose of these articles is to attempt to invite the public to develop some perspective, and to now encourage the public to continue to move towards responding actively not just reactively to this profoundly disturbing series of events, in which a child is unaccounted for.

There is truly nothing that prepares a city, community, neighbors or family for a missing child, under any circumstances.

WHO Relisha Rudd left the company of her family with someone's permission for a greater than 30 day excursion that may have cost her life. The person who was her escort earned some version of trust of the family over as much as a 3 year period. The then 8 year old Relisha's captor's wife ended up with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. And the exact whereabouts even then for Relisha were not and maybe still are unknown to anyone involved in the investigation.

THEN Relisha was reportedly seen early in March, and through a series of tussling conversations with school staff, including a social worker and the classroom teacher, a path of ducking and dodging emerged with Relisha's Mother, and Maternal Grandmother.

NOW News reports from the DC area bleat a repeating message : Find Relisha. And the echo of retweet and share continue. Yet Relisha, nor any version of that or related hashtags have come forward to top post in social media. Shomari Stone, who holds a dual role between a DC television station, and The Grio, has persisted in asking for attentions to the case from the African American community in particular.

PUBLIC INFORMATION There is virtually no useable information for the public in what has been released by law enforcement. Nothing can be readily applied for the public to move to, merely look for the child, which is appropriate given the situation, but lacking regarding any profile of where she might be, who might be in charge of her ( she is only 8, and maybe now 9, per family social media comments).

AMBERALERT BROADCAST PROBLEMS There have been broadcasts that include the child may have left the state to Virginia or even to Atlanta, but these were not followed by canvassing from law enforcement, FBI or ICE. Processing over other environments, Shomari Stone (NBC and The GRIO) was the first to break that not only did Relisha Rudd not get that initial broadcast of Amber Alert in the DC area, but the alert never processed to other neighboring states, or any other suspected location.

COMMUNITY LAW A variety of lowballing comments have come forward about just how or why any school age child was not required to be in school by parents or grands, or the reportedly caring janitor who had Relisha's best interest at heart.

SEVERITY or NATURE OF CIRCUMSTANCES No clarification from law enforcement has appeared in print regarding the speculation that Relisha was sold or somehow traded into child sex trafficking. Actually, irrespective of the nature of an adult senior male having an 8 year old along as a companion for whatever, has not resulted in blunt commentary that the family's trusted servant, whom the law enforcement now references as the abductor is a pedophile, pimp, mule or sexualized role over the child.

DEMISE SUSPECTED There is no clarification of whether the child was diced, limed, weighted in bags and tossed to waterways to dissolve into unrecognizeable oblivion. OR if that kit was for someone else, even the later dead abductor. HOW many people are involved in this case. How many know each other, and how many are in groups that would never have interfaced one another. An apartment, which was not indicated as a primary or secondary or ANY residence to the abductor was aggressed upon with the heavily armed evictions task force, and found to be empty at their arrival, a few days ago.

DEAD ABDUCTOR The death of the "abductor" ( so far reported as by his own hand, and possibly in a location "swept" by local lawenforcement recruits in training" and the absence of any seeming direct ability to track the physical location of the child, from well before the shooting death of the wife in the hotel room.... has not been answered by law enforcement. So. Girl gone from home, with man. Girl interfaces with man's extended family, at least one female child and maybe an adult male? Man's wife is shot, presumably by him, with body left in a hotel room, for discovery. Man leaves ( and possibly arrived) sans his personal vehicle, under the care of another. Girl is not in the room, but was she ever? Items of interest purchased ( shovel, construction bags, lime) by man. Man turns up dead in park where police had searched for days, and allegedly in an area combed by shoulder to shoulder marching police department reps. Girl doesn't turn up in park, in bags or anywhere else.

MYSTERY PATH ABSENT DETAILS AND LOGIC Odd lack of uniformity to case, virtually no answers forth coming that answer some of the abc's of the case, who shot who? where is the kid? who else besides who is on hotel tapes is involved? Clearly much of the chaos hinges on the random vacant responses from the Mother, who is clearly worn out, but is that from this or something preceding. Various public chatter has been in irritation with both the Mother and MGmo. Partly for answers given. And partly for answers not given.

CIRCUMSTANTIAL AMNESIA Some social media point out the seeming absence of information that the friends and family of abductor have about THIS MAN. And just why noone in either ( The family of the child OR the family of the abductor) camp seemed the least bit concerned that he was somehow the primary caregiver on a mostly unattached girl, befriended from the homeless shelter, who was going around with him all day to his job? Or out of school? Perhaps in another city? So many kids are in private or home schools which keep odd schedules, previously, seeing a kid on the street during certain hours was a quick read for the "hey where are you supposed to be?" thoughts and subsequent conversation. This is not so obvious, and wierdness abounds where people don't find they can ask questions. Did the alleged HHS, "don't snitch" campaign feed the path of secrets creating this social monster? Only time will tell. It has many people, and many pieces and parts. Sometimes answers never come. Inquiring still matters and is imperative to TRY to understand.

REWARD OFTEN BREAKS THE ICE It is remarkable, that the FBI is involved. It is remarkable there is a reward of about 25k for the child return. How similar is this situation, really to any missing child profile... separate from the question of why Relisha Rudd was with Kahlil Tatum, AT ALL. FBI notes false starts, and fake entries of sightings or utter fabrications dilute progress.

Focus on the message of #FindRelisha has tremendous potential.

DIVERSIFICATION OF CANVASSING METHOD What are diverse and varied blanket techniques that get a response like what is needed here?

MESSAGE your phone list or email list with photos and missing persons information. Do the exact same with your email list. FB and Twitter are great, but some people never use those. TRY SOMETHING ELSE.

NO PHONE SYNDROME However, what percentage of people in the US have no connections to electronic functions, like cell phones, computers or even the television. People these days may have portable sound systems, which are the focus of what they want to listen to only. Ipod is commercially uninterrupted music.

ESL OR LIMITED LANGUAGE What percentage of people who might know where Relisha is ,either speak no English at all, and neither read nor write in their native tongue.

POOR READERS OR NON READERS OR are fluent in spoken words, but read at the standard for America, which is between 3rd grade and 7th grade. Now what? ANSWER: Plan to speak to at least one person a day about this child missing or any other you choose. TALK about the questions and problems. SHOW a photo.

SERVICE JOBS ARE KING IF you know that in any circumstance, the possibility of a service oriented employee... so the housekeeper, the janitor, the lawn staff, the drivethru staff, the FedEx peeps.... might be the people who see or have glimpsed Relisha.... what are the best ways to find them. Often, they are transient in employment, and they don't unionize, necessarily. Who will reach out to them.

MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS and ASK THEM. Interactive talking on subjects that are shocking or painful or incomprehensible, is necessary now to solve this case. Here is an example of how to gather neighbors, and really there is piles of info about organizeing neighborhood community conversations crossroads.

REAL LIFE PHOTOS GET IT Realistic photos, of any daily life nature are a great idea. Relisha, being a 3rd grader has that whole tooth exchange going on and her identified family has a specific dental pattern. NO photos of Relisha that are recent at all show her mouth open, giving that toothy grin. Certainly with the approval of the FBI, having MORE pictures of Relisha with that or other specific traits would help the searching public. COPYING the available photos and announcements and posting them LIVE on your CAR, your HOUSE DOOR, BUSINESSES and such. GET IT OFF YOUR COUNTERTOP and OFF YOUR FRIDGE OR COMPUTER AND OUT WHERE IT CAN BE SEEN.

MANNERISMS SHOWN UP FRONT No information about speech patterns, if she is large or small for her age group, if she holds her leg, feet, hands or head a certain way. What that medicine alert is for.

HOW FAR BACK TO ROLL THE CLOCK The depersonalization of victims may serve to protect the child ultimately, and it assumes that someone is attending to her... actually probably MANY people have had contact with Relisha in the 3 years or more that Tatum, the abductor has known her. Someone said her Mother knew him starting in 2005, but no elaboration under what circumstances.

PARABLE OF THE LOST COIN Like the parable of the coin, the Mayor of the District of Columbia, understands that the lost must be found, and it is the mothering instinct that drives this task to completion.

RESOURCEFUL MAYORAL PUSHES FOR MORE Here is Mayor Gray's statement, which rightly notes the delineation of the task ( given current management systems) falls to law enforcement, but he checked his cards again, and specifically networked with his systemic staff over multiple environments he began to ask for audits of what was done, how that fits with what exists to choose from in current practices. Please note, that Mayor Gray did not have to ask for this, but also note that these other groups are controlled by other systems of government, and they did not have to agree. This cooperation and drive is essential to comprehending and solving this struggle. This writer would just about bet that Mayor Gray had 3 things he did. 1.) His natural curiosity and concern drove him to 2.) Approach the people who care also for the citizens of his City, 3.) He verbally and in writing expressed his concerns and ASK that their workproduct be audited. ASK ASK ASK. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. HELP HELP HELP each other and many times, if it is at all possible, this gets things to better... problems get solved, questions get answered and peace and stability feed healthy growth.

SYSTEMIC SWEEPS MAY IMPROVE Systemic sweeps like this are often followed by review of current strategies, and active searches to improve resources, plans and actions.

TAKE CARE CLOSE TO HOME Wellness practices keep communities balanced. Kids really may need extra supports from family, school and faith or community groups. Know how to care for you and them.

WHAT IF MODELS FROM OTHER HELPED? AMERICARES is a group that responds to natural disasters, but they have a very relevant message for caregivers in the community pediatricians and psychiatrists, or other mental health caregivers. This message is evolved from AMERICARES addressing things like the fall out from Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, or those EF5 tornadoes in Moore Oklahoma. They have an awesome message that asks communities to consider that perhaps, it is the current event that is an event, but also, preceding events can make for overload for individuals or for communities.

NETWORKS SPEAKING Underground and Above ground Craigslist accepts any lost and found notices in YOUR city. It is possible to post lost and found for missing persons, citing the primary notice data, news or photos. This increases the foot traffic on the idea.

#ANONYMOUS and #OCCUPY and are two presences in social medial that have tight networks for sharing data, despite some people preference against them, some super tight organizational skills which have been applied mobilizing young and old, along the lines of the REDCROSS to social situations are admirable. Everything from political alerts and systemic abuse called out like #MoralMondays to squelching sex offenders online to setting up portable kitchens, or dispensing food and clothes at disaster sites.

#HelpSpreadThis is a hashtag that helps network aid and messages, education and support for child abuse issues. As peer, @Yo2TheNI noted on Twitter, Relisha is a victim of a crime, even if the public doesn't know which one, sans the fact she is missing. #MissingandBlack and #EBONY #TheGrio and #TheBlackRepublican #MrMilitantNegro seem to be sites with dedication to African American news.

#BLACKTWITTER is a hashtag along with #SaturdaySchool #PreventChildAbuse #HumanTrafficking, #MISSING and #FBI seem to pull forward eyes to review and RT ( resending information)

Relisha's own hashtags are #Relisha, #FindRelisha #RelishaRudd to date.

IS POVERTY THE CORE of this seeming chaos? The burgeoning need of poverty, whether experienced by the families who are, or the program staff or support staff who increase risks.... for error or misuse of interactions for a variety of reasons.

EXTREME SITUATIONS change people, invite risks and slip into wholly unexpected and then unmanageable territories. Though what follows is about captives, an element speaks to distortions coming out of mouths in this case. Persons who never present as a threat may or may not be one. And a person, traumatized or marginalized can become desensitized? Would post-partum depression or other, prior struggles dovetail for risk?

CARTEL/MAFIA/CHILDSEXNETWORKS Or is slick the order of the day on all community fronts? Is this end result somehow part of a network of criminal activity involving misuse of children?

The chances of the public ever having timely access to these answers is pretty slim. But learning to ask better assessment questions, to define needs and to plan for better care... surely cannot hurt. Nor can the call for increased funding for HHS and CPS services, which apparently were not properly funded? As they are not properly funded per need in most states.

In this article, is the professional paper written by Deona Hopper, MSW and explains in plain language, both the benefits of professional accreditation for HHS agencies and staffers, but how such a system and teachings and policy therein protect individuals or families. receiving services, the people delivering the services and the public.

Surely others have ideas about what might intensify and improve the net to return Relisha. Like the parable of the missing coin, looking involves considering what is there, cleaning up that which may have been overlooked, diligence, possibly finding other things missing, and rejoicing in the found, tight and healthier communities and helping people learn what happened, applying preventions as needed. Keep looking. #FindRelisha


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