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Little Friends news for teens

An announcement from Little Friends Center for Autism in Naperville, Illinois:


The Little Friends Center for Autism is pleased to announce:


Facilitated by

Kathy Evangelista, M.S., CCC-SLP/L

& Karly Bartolucci, M.S., CCC-SLP/L

Open attached flyer for more information. Fill out attached application to apply.

Group Makeup: Ages 13-16, 5-7 children (boys & girls)

Diagnosis: High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's Syndrome

Children must be able to participate in the group without their parents present.
Children must not display aggressive or self injurious behaviors.
Children must have cognitive skills which enable them to interact with like peers.

Application Process:

Fill out application and mail to Little Friends Center for Autism. Application must be received by 5/14/10

(Do not send your check in with the application)

Participants will be notified by 5/24/10.

Cost: $720.00

(must be paid in full before the group begins)

Our structured Teen Social Group uses the Social Thinking concepts in which participants learn how to communicate effectively in a supportive social environment. The group meets two times per week. Tuesdays are at the LFCA to learn and practice social thinking and communication skills which will include role-play and video modeling. Thursdays will be held in the community to practice skills in real-world settings. Participants will be responsible for carrying their own money (approximately $3-$15, depending on the outing), which may be spent in the community. Each week parents will receive a summary of topics discussed to promote generalization.

Once a participant has been accepted into the group (notified by May 24th), additional information will be needed including:

-Most recent IEP goals and objectives

-Most recent speech and language evaluation

-Completed rating scales (parent and student)

-Signed contract & payment

Open attached flyer for more information. Fill out attached application to apply.

For additional information, contact Kathy at: (630) 305-4196 x6


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