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Little Debbie calls Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz 'extremists'

The head of the Democrat National Committee, and Congresswoman from Florida, Debbie “Little Debbie” Wasserman Schultz has once against opened her mouth and stuck her silver foot in it again. Little Debbie has called Florida's Republican junior senator, Marco Rubio, and the junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, “extremists,” “extreme tea-partiers,” and repeated characterized their political views as “extremism.”

DNC head calls Ted Cruz an "extremist"
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Let's first remember clealy what the real extremism is. Racking up more than $17 trillion in national debt is the real extremism. That is extreme (and obscene) because it brings the country that much closer to being bankrupt, to having incurred so much debt such that the debt and never be repayed, ever. It is also extreme because it is recklessly and irresponsibly spending away the wealth and income of future generations of citizens, some of which have not even been born yet. That is not only extreme, but it committing the injustice of generational theft. By spending so irresponsibly now, we as a country are stealing money from future generations to pay for our current excesses in government spending. And about half that national debt has been racked in the last five years under the current administation. The Obama Regime is the most extreme in it's spending, to have nearly racked up as much debt as the 43 administrations that have come before it.

The politicians who have supported and voted for debt limit increases, and the budgets and spending bills that authorized all this spending, are the extremists. Who are those politicians? They are almost exclusively liberal and progressive Democrats and moderate to progressive “RINO” Republicans. Those are the extremists, including just about all the politicians that are routinely labeled as the “moderates” in both parties by the mainstream media. The so-called “moderates,” who are actually progressives, are the big spenders and the extremists.

The so-called Mainstream Media, on politics and political issues, clearly represents the interests and views of the ruling class in Washington D.C. What is mainstream in Washington D.C. is extreme in the rest of the country. What is perfectly reasonable to more than one hundred million regular citizens, and just about every member of the TEA party movement, is that the spending in Washington D.C. is extreme, and the idea of cutting spending, reducing the size of the federal government, and balancing the budget, is quite reasonable. But that idea scares the you know what out of those in Washington, including the progressive media that represents them, and calls us the “extremists.”

So once again, Little Debbie and the others in Washington D.C. have it all bass ackwards. They are the extremists, we are the mainstream. The TEA Party movement, and the rare few politicians who stand up for us, includig the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and others like them, are the reasonable people who bring to Washington perfectly reasonable ideas about how to solve the country's problems. They are only labeled as “extremistst” by those who truly are the extremists, and have taken our country down the road to third world status.

Freedom is not extreme nor are those who advocate it. Statism is truly extreme, as are the politicians in Washington in both parties that practice it. The true extremist here is Little Debbie, not Ted Cruz.

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