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‘Little Couple’ returns to TLC; 4 ways Jennifer Arnold inspires cancer survivors

Dr. Jennifer Arnold shares her story of cancer
Dr. Jennifer Arnold/Twitter

When The Little Couple returns to TLC on Tuesday night the fans will be tuning in to see how Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein prepare for the next step in life. It’s a big moment for the couple who now have two children. According to Hollywood Life on Tuesday, the couple starts the preparation for adopting daughter Zoey from India. There is another story line that the fans are watching closely and that is Jennifer Arnold sharing that she had cancer.

Dr. Arnold hasn't hid the scary uterine cancer diagnosis and treatment she has taken to save her life. The challenge she has taken on has been inspiring to watch. From her posts on Twitter to talking about her health journey with periodicals, there has been nothing short of a brave face and the ultimate determination to make her family work.

While some folks might think the upcoming season of The Little Couple is a continuation of family life, there is more to this season. The idea that Dr. Arnold has beat cancer and now had two lovely children has people setting the DVR.

“I have only watched a few shows previously, but this year I am recording it,” said Kimberly Hart of Los Angeles. The breast cancer survivor feels a certain attachment to the show and the cancer forums online are encouraging people to support The Little Couple by watching. “People who share the emotions of having a family and the journey of fighting cancer deserve a gold medal. It’s not easy and I am inspired to watch.”

So how does Dr. Arnold inspire the fans? Well, she never gave up her dreams. Offering the reality of keeping her goal of bringing Zoey home, even though she wasn't feeling well, gives every parent a reason to watch. Refusing to make a choice, the family decided to keep to the plans even after Arnold got sick.

Another great inspiration? Somehow the family was able to balance it all. There probably was a day or two when things were not easy, but the kids are home safely after being picked up halfway around the world and everyone’s health is well. To make that happen, there was some balance somewhere.

Bill Klein was 100% part of this process of taking out the cancer. This disease is scary for those who have it and for those who are loved ones it’s a decision to support or bail. Bill supporting Jen, as the viewers have seen, offers everyone inspiration to help others. Cancer treatment is not a person fighting a disease, but it’s a family insisting on being healthy.

It’s inspiring that Jen Arnold’s cancer is in remission too. While the fans might see the brave journey on TLC, it’s the idea that Arnold comes out a winner and other people can too. Cancer isn't a death sentence as some people might assume. There are ways to fight the disease and win.

Cancer survivors who watch the program get to see a positive result in the end. Cancer is not always positive, but for Dr. Jennifer Arnold and her family it is a happy moment and the fans want to celebrate by watching the journey.

The Little Couple returns to TLC on March 4 at 10 p.m. ET.

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