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‘Little Couple’ family moment: Will, Zoey adorably greet Jen Arnold after work

Will and Zoey greet their mom
Jen Arnold/Jen Arnold official Twitter

The fans of “The Little Couple” love to watch on television the dynamics of how the TLC reality stars live and they like to see the behind the scenes moments too. Opening up their doors to fans around the country, both Jen Arnold and Bill Klein have gone out of their way to share their lives with others. Perhaps, that’s why the adorable pictures of Will and Zoey are loved by the fans. On Wednesday Jen Arnold shared another moment with her two kids that was priceless.

“Mommy, aka me, missed all the fun while at work! #LittleCouple,” tweeted Jen Arnold from her official Twitter account. Sharing a picture of Zoey and Will, it appears the two youngsters were excited to see their mom come home from work.

While the focus of the show has been, in part, the adoption of the two charming kids it seems that the family has really solidified to be one loving unit. After the fans got to meet Zoey and Will, there was a question of how it would all work out. However, quickly the fans realized this family was meant to be as the love from the parents was very moving.

On Tuesday’s show, the family took a big trip to San Francisco for Jen Arnold’s work along with a chance to see the city. As fans watched the kids play, watching the animals and eat ice cream, there were so many moments to savor as the viewers realized how lucky Jen Arnold was that she is cancer free

Viewers are still walking through the process of the family coming together on the TV show, but a look at the social media accounts of Jen, as well as Bill, showcases the family taking trips, living life and doing quite well together, especially Will and Zoey.

There isn't any doubt this season has been very magical for the fans of “The Little Couple” and the reality stars still have more for the fans to see. In the meantime, the cute pictures of Zoey and Will hold over the fans from week to week.

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