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Little countries hold world hostage; Myanmar, North Korea, Iran


Hillary Clinton watched by a North Korean soldier. Getty Images

Since when did it become acceptable for the tiniest of nations which cannot even feed their own people, to hold the rest of the world hostage? With the latest move by the United States, announced by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in Hanoi, it is obvious Myanmar, North Korea and Iran are holding the rest of the world at bay. Does anyone outside of the news junkies in the world even know where Myanmar is? For those of you who may be surprised they used to call this country Burma.

Remember Burma? The Burma Road? World War II buffs can tell you more about Burma than most people today can tell you about Myanmar with its ruling military junta.

It seems the US has evidence the rulers of Myanmar, with 2000 political prisoners in jail and who actually were seen stealing United Nations relief supplies after a devastating natural disaster a few years ago, are seeking North Korean help in developing nuclear weapons. Myanmar! Clinton, in announcing sanctions against North Korea's elite, made a pitch for Myanmar's leaders to push for democratic reforms. Cited in the talks were the three little guys holding the world at bay with the threat of nuclear weapons; Iran, North Korea and now Myanmar.

"One measure of the strength of a community of nations is how it responds to threats to its members, neighbors and region," Clinton told the 27-member ASEAN Regional Forum, which includes regional powers China, Japan and Russia along with the United States, European Union and Canada.

The US and South Korea are holding joint military exercises and even Japan for the first time has kicked in a few defense experts to participate in an attempt to show the flag. To this and to the sanctions challenging the bank accounts of the North's leaders, the government above the parallel threatened "a physical response." What the response will be is unknown but the North is fond of threatening then backing down when sanctions are lifted or food is shipped in to feed its people.

The interesting thing about these three countries is they literally cannot feed their own populations. People are starving and yet they are seeking nukes. To what end? Would they use them? Perhaps which would only get a response of total annihilation from the West? Perhaps. Not likely but perhaps.

It is interesting to note the place where the talks and the Western sanctions were announced is a place which 30 years ago was a threat to the world. A place called Viet Nam, the capitol city being Hanoi. That country too was split asunder back then.

The new restriction on the North targets the bank accounts of the elite rulers who are sitting on millions of dollars from arms sales which violate current UN sanctions. Money in these accounts is believed not only to hold cash from  illicit weapons sales but from exports of knock off luxury items; i.e. Rolex, Gucci and Pierre Cardin.

Nukes? It seems more like the neighbors to the North are more interested in Western Capitalism for themselves than they really are in launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the West. Since the rulers of Myanmar are known to be thieves, relabeling UN Relief shipments with their own names on them, it seems as if the nuclear threat of Myanmar is just another attempt to knock off a few million Nike's, Versace's and Tag Heuer Carrera's.


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