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Little angels sent from heaven

Exposure to information is the key to raising highly functioning and intelligent children
Exposure to information is the key to raising highly functioning and intelligent children
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Children are one of life's most purest joys. Each one comes into this world so innocent, unique, special, and all blank slates ready to be molded by the caretakers entrusted to watch over them. The beauty of having babies is they give you an opportunity to live your best life. Its like God made it so to deliver these beautiful angels into your world to remind you that He is love. Every smile is a gift, every giggle is a joy, and every milestone takes your breath away just to remind you why you're here.

As a human race there is a job at hand which is to learn the important aspects of life and pass it on to the next generation. With each generation there is a responsibility to build upon what has been missed, what's been learned, and what needs to improve. Each life has been given a purpose in their heart and it is the job of the parents to help their angels discover their purpose and to mold that with them.

There is great power for young mothers in developing friendships with the older generation of mothers who have successfully nurtured their children to adulthood. While your children are young, you have an opportunity to instill every single thing your little angel will ever need to carry them through for the rest of their lives.

As a young mother, I researched how the brain forms and learned that formation of the brain is stimulated by what children experience and what they are exposed to. Its important to infuse experiences into the education of children at an early age. If you want your children to develop a love of learning, understand the importance of God and spirituality, learn many languages, develop an inclination for music, math, and science then its best to expose them to those things and give them an understanding while they're very young.

Early Childhood News:
Scientists now believe that to achieve the precision of the mature brain, stimulation in the form of movement and sensory experiences during the early developing years is necessary (Greenough & Black, 1992; Shatz, 1992). Experience appears to exert its effects by strengthening and bonding synapses, which are the connections that are made between neurons. Connections that are not made by activity, or are weak, are “pruned away,” much like the pruning of dead or weak branches of a tree. If the neurons are used, they become integrated into the circuitry of the brain. Due to differences in experience, not even identical twins are wired the same (Chugani, 1998).

The primary basis for the importance of movement and sensory experiences was derived from studies which compared brain structures of animals raised in various environmentally normal, deprived, and enriched settings. The enriched settings provided the opportunity to interact with toys, treadmills, and obstacle courses. Overall, such research has led to the conclusion that stimulation is a significant factor in overall brain development (Jones & Greenough, 1996; Kempermann & Gage, 1999). Animals placed in enriched environments had brains that were larger and contained more synaptic connections.

How do you accomplish this task? I've always understood that genius doesn't just happen. Genius comes from exposure to information. How can your children know or learn anything they've never been exposed to? It's your job as a parent to go through the process of discovery with your babies so they can let you know who they are and who they hope to be (all within what is age appropriate). Too many parents make the mistake of assuming they know what's best for their child to learn but there is something innate within each child which determines who they are and what they are more inclined toward and the job of young parents is to be receptive to that and nurture it.

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