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Litter Box training your new kitten is easy

I told you I could do it
I told you I could do it
Karla Kirb y

When you bring a new kitten in our home, he/she may not be totally litter box trained, Keep in mind that in a new environment, a litter box trained kitten may have a little accident or two before getting used to his/her new environment.

If the kitten is not litter box trained, know this, litter box training is very easy for both you and your kitten. Nearly every kitten by nature feels the desire to dig in litter at about four weeks of age. Gut feeling will guide your kitten to acquiring good litter box habits.

• Situate the litter box in nice, quiet spot that your kitten can get to at all times

• Make sure the litter box is small enough for kitty to get into

• Always keep the litter box extremely clean, scoop daily, thoroughly clean weekly.

• Don’t clan the litter box with strong cleaner--the odors may turn kitty off

• Gently situate your kitten in the litter box when you wake up and just after he/she eats.

• Scratch the litter a little with your finger, then his/her paw...

• Praise kitty extravagantly to support the fact that he/she has done the right thing.

• Many cats don’t like scented litters. Try an unscented litter.

• Don't move the litter box unless utterly essential

• Give each cat or kitten his/her own litter box

Ask the previous owner what brand of cat litter your kitten is used to and purchase that kind. Some prefer clay, others scoopable, still others pellets. Be sure your kitten likes the litter right away and there will be fewer accidents.

Remember to be patient. The messes are small and it only takes a minute to clean the up. Soon kitty will be using his/her box on a regular basis. Cats have pride, love cleanliness and want to do the right thing.

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