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Literature of the Green Mountains

A scenic welcome!
A scenic welcome!

Henry Miller once said, "writing is its own reward." He couldn't have been more accurate. But, as any writer, be them well established or simply aspiring, can attest, there is an additional reward that all too often goes over looked.

That reward is the great community that writing engenders. In the lush Green Mountains of Vermont, community and writing are nearly synonymous. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Vermont's literature lovers, writers of all types and skill levels can commune to share work, bounce ideas off each other, and rejoice in the pleasures of the written word.

Particularly in the northern corner of Vermont, the greater Burlington area fosters a burgeoning pool of dedicated and skillful writers and readers. From last falls Storyhack event to ongoing workshops held by the free and open to the public, Burlington Writer's Workshop, Burlington is quickly becoming a New England hub for great literature.

And for those looking to grow their writing skills, Burlington offers the Renegade Writers's Collective, whose stated goal is to "fosters literary citizenship among Vermonter" by providing "a space and platform for local writers to refine, promote, and celebrate their writing." Much like the Collective is the time honored League of Vermont Writers, who have supported local writers since 1929. The League, the Collective, and the Workshop all boast impressive and diverse memberships, giving writers a plethora of community options to share, develop, and polish their work, or to simply revel in the works of others.

With the support of the community focused local businesses like Magic Hat, Hotel Vermont, and Arts Riot, to name a few, the prospects for Burlington's writers continue to grow and show no signs of stopping.

So, if you happen to be in Burlington, Vermont think about stopping at our local books seller, Phoenix Books, and picking up a copy of last years Burlington Writer's Workshop Anthology or the Green Mountain Review, and know that in doing so, you are supporting a prospering writing community in the heart of the Green Mountains.