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Literary and historical Valentine's Day quiz

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
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1. In Latin the word “Valentine” means?

a. Valor

b. Love

c. Union

d. Hallmark

2. What invention was patented on Valentine’s Day in 1876?

a. Combustible engine

b. Telephone

c. 3D Valentine card

d. Prepackaged kits with ingredients for baking a cake

3. What country had the tradition of carving a heart into a wooden spoon for Valentine’s Day?

a. Italy

b. France

c. Ireland

d. The Jersey Shore

4. Which actress born on Valentine’s Day has received six Oscar nominations?

a. Linda Hunt

b. Sophie Loren

c. Thelma Ritter

d. Glenn Close

5. Valentine of Rome was a Priest who died in the year of ____

a. 12 BCE

b. 1562 AD

c. 1342 AD

d. 496 AD

6. In Norfolk, England the character that knocks on back doors on Valentine’s Day and leaves gifts for kids is called?

a. Jack Valentine

b. Stan Cupid

c. Dan the Man

d. Chuck

7. Back in ancient times the “Day of Love” was celebrated on all of the following EXCEPT ____

a. March 12th Saint Gregory’s Day

b. February 22nd Saint Vincent’s Day

c. June 13th Saint Anthony’s Day

d. June 9th Saint Tiberius Day

8. Saint Valentine’s Day is associated with romance because of this author ____

  1. Geoffrey Chaucer

b. William Shakespeare

c. Christopher Marlow

d. Charles Dickens

9. In Finland Valentine’s Day is considered a day that celebrates _____

a. Illicit love

b. Friends

c. Love of Ancestors

d. First Love

10. In what country has the holiday Esfandegan been replaced with Valentine’s Day?

a. Nepal

b. Turkey

c. Philippines

d. Iran

11. How is Valentine’s Day different in Japan than the United States?

a. Only women give chocolate to their male coworkers

b. Chocolate or flowers are only given to older members of a family

c. Gum is given instead of chocolate

d. A huge chocolate heart is thrown into a volcano on live television

12. Since the 1990’s Valentine’s Day has been gaining ground in what country despite warnings from Muslim clerics?

a. Iraq

b. Pakistan

c. Thailand

d. Singapore

Information for this quiz was gathered from here and Wikipedia.


1. A

2. B

3. C

4. C

5. D

6. A

7. D

8. A

9. B

10. D

11. A

12. B

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