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Listing Your Property as a Film Location

House used in upcoming sci-fi movie Guardian of Mine
House used in upcoming sci-fi movie Guardian of Mine
Nannette Sandy

Do you ever watch a film or a television movie and watch a house blow up? Or see a bad guy shooting through the walls of a home and wonder whose house they used? Or a better yet you wonder if the owners, of the house that got blown up were upset or happy. If you ever thought of those things and even wondered how you can submit your house to be used in a movie you would be listing your property as a film location.

Listing your property as a film location is something that people do all the time for various reasons but more importantly for financial gain. You may be thinking why allow a bunch of movie people to shoot up my house or drive a truck through it but people list their homes for location use.
A home that is listed as a film location can really make some money. Many producers and directors pay home owners, various renting rates to use their homes for all sorts of scenes. If you watched ‘Madeas Big Christmas’ last year and you live in the McDonough, GA area you might have recognized the home that was used as a location for the film. The directors, of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button also used someone’s home for their film needs in New Orleans, LA and many others. The big question here is how do you list your home to be used as a location and the answer is not as complicated as you think. To list your home or property as a film location in the Atlanta, GA area you will have to visit the website to download a location submission form. There are several location details that are required when you submit your form:

• The name of the location
• The address of the location
• Location description
• Usage Restriction
• Owner’s contact information
• Location photos

The first step is to visit the website and search for location submission to pull up the form and enter important information about your property that you want to list. Consider the required details above as a guide because that information is required.

When you decide that you want to go forward with the listing be very honest about your home when you list it. If you list a 10,000 sq ft home then make sure that your pictures reflect that and take a picture of all of your rooms including the exterior. Being flexible is another great thing for filmmakers because even though you are trying to get the most money for your property being reasonable will help you just the same. Charging a high rate for a one-bedroom home, may not get you any offers but if you give sensible rates you will attract more prospects.

Talk to the director and find out what his or her needs are will give you a better assessment of how much you will rent your property for and what your usage restriction is. Usage restriction tells the filmmaker what is off limits in your home. Remember to be flexible, honest and keep in mind that you listed your home as a film location and if your home meets producer requirements they will call you to ask questions about your home and make an offer. Remember to avoid giving outrageous renting rates because it will only leave you with zero offers. Figuring out how much to charge for rental use to shoot some scenes in your home is not as hard as you think.

For an example, if a director wants to use your property for scenes for a period of 5 days you can calculate what it would cost you to stay at a hotel, eat, and parking fees. Or let’s say, the director wants to run a truck through your wall then you can negotiate a higher rate to cover damages and insurance. Most of the time if a bigger film production chooses your property to be a location then insurance will automatically be on the form and you will not have to worry about paying for the damages that the film crew will make. Other homeowners may prefer to stick around and watch or sometimes help out with the crew moving furniture around.

Whatever the reason is for listing your property as a film location, have fun with it be very clear and upfront in the beginning and communicate what is off limits in your home. After the movie is done you will probably get a finished copy of the movie and your name and home address will be listed under the credits or thank you part at the end of the film. So go out there and be a part of the film industry because it will be a cool thing to be able to say that you helped a movie get made because you listed your property to be used for a film location.

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