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Listening to your soul

Kirlian photography, evidence of the human soul?
Kirlian photography, evidence of the human soul?
photo Robert Buelteman

God created us from God. God is indestructible. We are indestructible. The body withers and dies yet our Spirit continues on.

Many people never think about their immortal Soul, the wants, needs and desires of everyday life preoccupying their daily thoughts. But we all have one. It is a fundamental part of our being. If you are not considering how your thoughts, words and actions are affecting your Soul’s experience while on the Earth plane, you are missing out on the main purpose of your existence.

Do you ever tune in to your Higher Self? Your Higher Self, Spirit, Soul, is the spark of God that dwells within you. When you talk with It, It points your attention towards hidden motivations and internal decisions that are for your growth as a human being and, more importantly, as a Soul. Your Higher Self will not tell you what to do, but will point out unregoconized elements ensnared within the choices you make. You are responsible for forming your future.

Communication begins with prayer and a quiet mind. A quiet mind is very important, and it can be hard to achieve at times. Some people’s minds never seem quiet, but that is OK. It is just a matter of learning how to control it. Thoughts may continually race through your head. It may even seem the more you try not to have thoughts the more they scream through your head. It can feel exhausting. Do not feel as if you have failed and do not give up.

Quieting the mind is a process and part of that process is first sorting through the thoughts that pop in your head. They are coming to the forefront for a reason. Take a good hard look at them. What comes to mind? It is in this moment God is speaking to you. Listen to the message. Try to recognize the nudge. It is best to be heeded. Never hold on to obsolete thinking and ignore a message from the Divine.

Sometimes people get caught up in the idea that prayer needs to be done a certain way or a particular place. They stress about making the praying happen. It can be hard to find a quiet place to be alone when you are trying to raise a family, hold down a job, volunteer at school, take care of pets, drive kids to practice, care for your parents, etc.

You can pray anywhere at any time. I bet many of you already are and might not even realize you are doing it. Think about a typical day. You could be taking a shower, sitting in line at a red light, or maybe taking a walk and listening to nature. Outside or inside, it doesn’t matter.

The key to hearing your soul speak to you is to first lose your ego self. Once you are in this space another voice begins to emerge. It could come to you while you are gardening or hitting a golf ball. It whispers to you during the times when you are alone and left to your thoughts. If you don’t like you or your thoughts, sitting in silence can be terrifying. Your mind begins to scramble for something, anything, to say and distract you.

Pay attention what comes to mind-it is all part of the process. Communion isn’t just about letting thoughts come to mind, however. It is about once a thought comes to mind, observing it, and asking yourself why it popped up. Meditation is a way of processing everything screaming in your head right now, but since the world is so noisy and distracting, you never hear it. You Soul speaks to you in the silence though, it is up to you discover the reason. Once your issues begin to arise, interpret them as appropriate to your transformation and growth. Your Inner-Self will save you from yourself.