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Listening to your Pug…

A Happy Pug.
Taylor Family

Many people may think one is crazy when you are asked; do you listen to your Pug? After all Pugs do not talk, right? WRONG. Body action speaks words, especially when it comes to your Pug. First instance, if you are taking your pug to get groomed and they have been there before but this time they are putting on all four paws. That is a sign something is wrong, whether it is your pug sense something or something occurred to your pug without your knowledge. Yes, accidents occur especially when your pug jerks getting their nails trimmed or something spooked them. However, pugs do not hold grudges. So why in this matter are they so hesitating and fighting not to go? This is one instance that one should stop and possibly think of what your pug is trying to say.
I know this because there was an incident that occurred to my pug. We took her to the same groomer for over a year. Nothing changed, not the location nor did the personal. It was the same person to bath her and groom her. However, it got tougher and tougher to get her in the door. It was too the point that it wasn’t worth the fight. A few months after that occurred and we stopped getting her groomed we ran into a former employee of the groomers. She stated she was glad to hear when we stopped taking our pug there. Inquiring why, she stated how the groomer hated pugs and that my pug was thrown, hit, and mistreated while there. My heart literally sank and I felt so horrible of the times I made my pug go to the groomers when she was telling me by fighting with me she did not want to go.
We may not always pick up on our pug’s language and it may take us time to “catch on” but as soon as you do don’t look to think your pug is being stubborn or just does not want to go. STOP and think of what your pug is trying to say, what could have happened, why your pug would not want to go, and so on. Taking those few moments could save you the heartbreak that something did or could happen to your pug. Bottom line, pugs do talk and it is up to us to listen and pay attention. As for my pug she does get groomed but by a different groomer and when we take her there she is happy. In fact, she does not even look back at us when we leave. That is a happy pug and that is her telling me that she is happy.
Remember: One can’t understand all the time or may mistake the body language for something else, but it won’t hurt to stop and consider potential alternatives.

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