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Listening to what the guys are saying: Part I

The ever changing road to the right relationship.
The ever changing road to the right relationship.


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Great Part I. Love the Nelly song.

  • Profile picture of Drew Denny
    Drew Denny 5 years ago

    I think knowing up front that your partner is going to process things differently and respond on a different timeline is substantial. You mean they aren't supposed to be on the same page with me every second? I thought being your own person just mean BEFORE they started dating me. Who knew?

  • Royce Diamond 5 years ago

    I feel that figuring out how you are or are not willing to live, will be all the insight into your partners emotions you'll ever need.

  • Profile picture of Tiffany Booth
    Tiffany Booth 5 years ago

    Great article Courtney- You always have great advice =-)

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