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Listening to the highest voice, making up your own mind

Amazing lights streak across the sky
Amazing lights streak across the sky

Kabbalah teaches us to listen to the highest voice within. By studying its various symbols we learn to communicate on high. The fundamental goal of Kabbalah is to provide a method for climbing those heaven made steps and to establish ourselves in those lofty realms using all our powers to focus and unify with the Creator.

Sunsets amazing light

We are in the midst of consciousness. Our identities we take and make from consciousness. It is the way that we relate to each other and to the vast worlds within and without. Kabbalah attempts to provide a map to consciousness. It uses symbols to awaken the higher awareness and to allow you to connect these various states of being to one another so that in the end a unified awareness will result.

For example there are the ten Sephiros of the Tree of Life diagram. These provide a template for the awareness to contemplate. Their permutations are extensive and yet the basic glyph of ten works to organize our thoughts. Out of this organization comes the clarity of thought that leads to unity of expression.

The study of Kabbalah requires a marked degree of personal responsibility. You have to learn to trust your thoughts and your instincts about what you are learning. Much of what you discover is going to be outside of the box of every day consensus. It will challenge both your intellect and the way you think about the world in which you live. All of this is a positive stimulus to practice the art of connection. This connection is with God.

Trusting your thoughts and their direction is perhaps the most difficult thing you will ever accomplish. You will have to start with the symbols of Kabbalah and see where they lead you all the while being circumspect in your assumptions and their conclusions. The great sages provide many clues however, at its conclusion you will have to make up your own mind.

There will be obstacles to this process occurring in surprising places. No one can make this happen for you. You have to be especially wary of holy men; those who purport to know the truth. This includes rabbi’s, clergymen, recognized authorities, anyone who sets themselves up to tell others what to do. Remember Kabbalah is a singular study meant in its entirety for you to learn to mysteries of Torah from. Others may point but cannot do your listening for you. Listening is something that you have to own for yourself.

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