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Listening is sexy

sensuality of listening
sensuality of listening
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Really listening to someone is a very attractive quality to possess. Everyone wants to be heard and understood on an intimate level. It is the foundation for healthy relationships that will endure the test of time. According to, having good listening skills leads to a stronger marriage. Listening is a woman’s most desired quality found in a man states A relationship where someone listens is irresistible, because the time and effort it takes to do it shows that the one speaking is valuable to the listener.

Time is a valuable commodity these days. When a person sets aside thirty minutes to an hour to hear what someone has to say, they are demonstrating how important that person is to them. They are making them the top priority in their lives. They are showing them just how valuable to them they are.

Real listening requires effort. It is not just saying u huh or yea when the speaker pauses. It is about asking questions to get clarity and understanding. This demonstrates that the speaker’s feelings and point of view are important.

Listening to someone shows that they are important and valuable. When someone demonstrates that, they are extremely irresistible. They are sexy.