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Listening in: How the sound of your voice is related to physical attraction

Lowering or matching the pitch of someone else's speech could be a sign of physical attraction
Lowering or matching the pitch of someone else's speech could be a sign of physical attraction
Lotus Head,

Sexual attraction involves each of our senses- sight, taste, touch, smell, and even sound. The sound of a person’s voice can alert you to whether or not he/she finds you attractive. Here are some things to listen for the next time you find yourself speaking to someone who has caught your eye:

Quality of the pitch
Men might therefore do well to lower their voices when speaking to an attractive woman for the first time. Women prefer men with deeper-pitched voices. Women perceive men who have deeper voices to be more masculine, powerful, and attractive. Studies have also shown that men with deeper voices tend to have more sexual partners, and are highly-regarded by the most attractive women in the dating pool. Men also prefer women with lower-pitched voices. This is likely because of image in popular media of the sultry, husky-voiced woman as being sexually appealing. Women may lower their voices during an initial conversation to let a man know that she finds him sexually attractive.

Changes in pitch
In one study, researchers found that women lower the pitch of their voice when speaking with a romantic partner, while men raise the pitch of their voice when speaking with their significant other. One major reason that men and women might alter the pitch of their voices when speaking with someone that they find physically attractive is to let the other person know that the speaker finds them attractive. Matching the pitch of another person’s speaking voice also conveys the message of symmetry or “sameness,” which furthers the goal of creating intimacy between the two individuals.

While it might seem manipulative or dishonest to some to change the sound of their voice in order to attract a dating partner, voice modulation is actually a common human behavior. People change the sound of their voices for a variety of reasons. Both men and women raise the pitch of their voices to indicate their dominance, members of both sexes lower their voices to a whisper to underscore that the information being shared is confidential in nature, and adults tend to change both their tone and inflection when speaking to children. Voice modulation is a natural and adaptive behavior that has allowed humans to flourish for thousands of years. In the context of dating, altering a voice serves a primal function and that is to aid the speaker in letting a potential mate know that speaker finds him or her attractive. It also serves allows the listener to reciprocate and let the speaker know that the attraction is mutual.

Next time you decide to approach someone who has captured your attention remember to lower your speaking voice and to listen to see whether he or she does the same. If you both lower your pitch, it could be a sure sign that the attraction that you feel is mutual.

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