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Listening can go a long way in a relationship

Just listen
Just listen
David Castillo Dominici/

When your significant other comes home from along day at work and starts talking about his/her day, what do you do?

As they start to go into details about how things are out of control at work, how no one in their department does their job, how management doesn't do anything about it and if they could they would quit their job.

Are you one of those individuals that starts talking before they are through talking telling them what they should do about their problem? Do you try to solve their problem for them? Do you tell them what you would do if it were you?

If you are this type of individual that may talk too much have you ever thought what would happen if you decided the next time your significant other came home with a reason to vent as result of what happened at work, you should just sit quietly and listen. Have you ever thought that in some cases individuals vent because they want to get something off their chest. Some would call it, "Blowing off steam." If this is the case they are not looking for a solution from you they are just looking for a ear they they can count on. The ear they are looking for just happens to be yours.

For some individuals when they feel like they can't vent to their significant other eventually they will shut down all together. As a result this can lead to other problems in the relationship.

The next time your significant comes home frustrated as a result of work or anything else that gets under their skin and wants to let it out remember, they may just simply want you to listen.

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