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Listen to your own voice think for yourself

Looking up
Looking up

Learning to think for yourself is a life long process. There are so many roadblocks in the way that steer you in the wrong direction time after time. One of these roadblocks we may call the ‘recognized authority,’ figure. This person claims a certain degree of expertise via their training and certification and then goes on to suggest a course of action for you that may be contrary to your deeper purpose and defies the limits of common sense. When you learn to listen to yourself you will be able to gradually wean yourself from these ‘recognized authorities,’ and begin to make up your own mind.

In the midst of everything

In Kabbalah we are asked to listen and to disregard everything but that which rings true inside of you. In a sense we are asking ourselves to disregard the ‘recognized authorities’ within our own mind; the status quo which keeps us from seeing the unified nature of things. We have to make the connection by tying together concepts that ring true and then bring to light another insight from their joining. This is how we participate in the ongoing creation.

Think of the world of consciousness you live in as the potters clay that is always being shaped into something. Then see these shapes in terms of your own intentions; what you are expecting to discover. The central theme in all of this is unity. You are forever making something in the image of the maker. What this means is that you are bringing about the state of mind within that mirrors the state of consciousness that has evolved you into a being of perfection.

The Master of the House, Qudsha Brikh Hu is blessed by the Righteous One Shekhinta. In terms of consciousness we bless or recognize the unity and therefore are blessed by the unity since we can never be apart from that unity.**

Constantly our world is evolving out of our thoughts. These thoughts grow in their shaping abilities the more we recognize the unity that we are operating from. When we awaken to this internal realization everything changes in terms of the perspective from which we are living. We begin to trust our source and act as though what we surmise is always there is in fact already a part of our being. The distinctions and separations are cast aside and all that is left is the unity. B”H