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Listen to your favorite celebrities: Newest star-narrated audio books

Many stars and celebrities are taking on a new role in their spare time. This is a great way to hear the voices of your favorite celebs in the newest audio books on the market. Now you can catch up on the books you wish you have time to read just by listening to the stories.

Latest star-narrated audio books

Whether you are just too busy to sit in a recliner and pick up a book and get absorbed in the latest story or maybe you are on a long road trip and need something more than just the radio to keep you entertained and alert. Imagine having your favorite celebrity feel like he or she is sitting next to you reading a story that you have been aching to get through.

Latest audio books narrated by celebrities are:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s” gets a whole new sound with Dexter aka Michael C. Hall reading the story of the trials and tribulations of some teenage students.

The Odyssey” is a Homer classic and is narrated by a former Downtown Abbey star Dan Stevens.

Matilda” is a wonderful story for children and adults alike to enjoy. Now hear the story in the voice of Kate Winslet and experience the magic of a young girl’s path and desire to be educated and loved.

The Snow Queen” is a dark novel by Michael Cunningham who earned the Pulitzer Prize is now in the voice of Claire Danes.

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line” is the newest Veronica Mars book on the market and is narrated by Kristen Bell.

Is the voice of your favorite celebrity is the list above? Are these some of the books you wished you read or had time to read? Enjoy the ease of hearing these stories and listening to the voices of the stars without even having to pick up a book or turn the pages.

Some people still prefer to read books themselves while others thoroughly enjoy the ease audio books provide. Even though you aren’t actually reading the story via hardcover, paperback or on an electronic reader yourself you can still stay up-to-date on stories without feeling guilty.

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